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New SEO Trend: Mobile First for Optimum Results

make your page mobile view friendly

The gadget use landscape evolved from major use of desktops and laptops into tablets, mobile phones and handheld devices. Along with this, trends in SEO strategies have also changed as well. Initially, websites would prioritize desktop previews. They would want the pages optimized for desktop or laptop viewing. However, the number of users that are […]

3 Tips to Create More Engaging Video Content for a Blog or Website


If you run a blog or website then you probably know that the number of visitors that visit your site is far from the only thing that matters. Instead, the time that they spend on your website is arguably far more important – and that tends to come down to how engaging your content truly […]

5 Surprising Benefits of Playing Video Games

Many people associate video games with sloth and laziness. However, there are more and more studies proving that video games can actually improve your memory and cognitive skills. Indeed, if you want to improve your memory or sharpen your cognitive functioning, you may want to try playing video games. Moreover, you can use some of […]