9 Tips for Realtors Advertising on Facebook

One of the first things you learn in real estate training is that you can’t wait around for the customers to come to you. You’ll need to put yourself out there and attract potential homeowners like flies to honey. In this day and age, that means being active on social media.

Here are just a few tips for taking advantage of Facebook‘s nearly 1.2 billion users. You’ll need certain knowledge in advance if you want to utilize the site successfully, so pay attention!

1: Set Goals for Success

Why are you advertising on Facebook in the first place? Are you looking to gain likes, invite traffic to your website or just increase your brand awareness? Each result will have an entirely different road to travel.

2: Know Your Demographic

Paid ads on Facebook have become so ubiquitous that there isn’t a point in buying them unless you can target your marketing to a particular kind of consumer. For example, if you’re in the business of high-end homes, don’t waste your effort or ad space trying to court those in a lower income bracket.

3: Customize Your Headline

Don’t leave your headline as a rehash of your title page. Instead, use it as an opportunity to promote your business or mention how many people have found their dream home through your services. You could even provide brief descriptions of current properties for sale.

4: Utilize Facebook Offers

Facebook Offers allow you to exclusively target Facebook users with deals, promotions and savings. If property vales are soaring, or if your firm is offering a great deal on real estate courses, you’ll definitely want Facebook Offers on your side.

5: Build an App

According to research, 48 percent of Facebook users are accessing the website through their smartphones. This means that an easy-to-read, easy-to-share app will go a long way towards courting all those mobile customers.

6: Get on the News Feed

Most Facebook users get their updates from the news feed, but if you’re running a “website conversion” or “clicks to website” objective, your ads will only appear on a side column instead of the feed. Make sure your hard work isn’t going to waste in a corner.

7: Sign Up for Sponsored Stories

When someone interacts with your brand, you can opt to have a related ad appear on the feeds of their friends and acquaintances. For example, if they’re reading about your real estate courses, you can have an ad for the firm itself appear on their friends’ feeds. This could attract any like-minded buddies they may have.

8: Use More Images

Study after study has shown that visual engagement is the key to attracting and retaining customers. A single picture of a gorgeous ranch house will attract more notice than a 300-word description of it.

9: Pay Attention to Your Existing Followers

This isn’t true for all businesses, but as far as the housing industry is concerned, most people only start liking realtors when they’re actively in the market for a home. Take advantage of this by using all your real estate training on the customers who have already shown interest rather than the peripheral ones who may not be ready for a new home at all.

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