5 Google Penalty Prevention Tips for SEOs

If you are in the SEO business, you probably know how deadly a penalty can be for a website. If you end up on Google’s bad side, you will have gained a formidable enemy. However, if you want to play by the rules and optimize your client’s website, you need to know what type of penalty to look out for and you need to know how to avoid getting a penalty in the first place. Sure, one part of SEO, or search engine optimization, is about building a website’s presence on the search engine behemoth, but it is also about working within the parameter of Google’s highly advanced algorithms. These algorithms know when a site has a bad link, non-diversified anchor text or simply when the site is a bunch of irrelevant, unreadable mumbo jumbo. Here are five Google penalty prevention tips for SEOs.

  1. Make sure that your website or content creation platform is the newest version. Google’s bots, which literally crawl through the web looking for relevant content, will know when a particular site has an older version of a platform. So, if your client’s website hasn’t been updated in a while, your first step – before taking any other optimization steps – is to update the website.
  2. Make sure that your links are embedded on high quality articles. Just remember: link farming is bad, but responsible link building is good. Link farming includes peppering your content with hyperlinks and anchors – regardless if the content is relevant or not. So, if you are trying to build links to boost a website’s presence, you want to make sure that the content is high quality and that the links are relevant to that content. Google wants to provide relevant information and they will hand out penalties to any one that breaks this very simple rule.
  3. Make sure to remove and clean up bad links. There is a good chance that if you are getting warnings about receiving a Google penalty, it is because you have bad back links. If this is the case, you want to clean up these links. You can usually have your webmaster do this for you by analyzing outgoing and incoming links and then evaluating whether they are good or bad. After you clean up these links, you can resubmit your website for review – hopefully your penalty warnings will go away.
  4. Make sure that duplicated content is removed. Having two, three or four of the same post will raise the search engine’s eyebrows. If there are to many duplicated articles, posts and other content – across different websites and URLS – Google’s bots will suspect that something is awry. So, always make sure that your content is original and unique.
  5. Make sure that sure you clean up all spam from your comments section. If you have noticed that there are too many spam comments, there is a good chance that Google has noticed as well. These spam comments can actually hurt your standing with Google. At the end of the day, cleaning up and deleting these comments is easy and it will do a great job at preventing your website from getting a Google penalty.

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