Top 5 Features to Look for in a Reliable Web Hosting Service


Having a reliable web hosting service can mean the difference between your e-commerce shop or business succeeding or not succeeding in your prospective industry. A slow website can mean slow load times, which can result in a higher than usual bounce rate. All of this equates to lower sales, which equates to a decision to dissolve the business or find a web hosting service that has what your business or organization needs. A dependable web hosting service is critical because you want 24-hour access to customer service so that you can troubleshoot any problems – without having to wait multiple days or weeks. Here are the top five features to look for in a reliable web hosting service.

  1. Experience. In the world of website hosting, experience can be loosely translated into reputation. When you are looking for a web hosting service, you not only want a business that has been around for longer than other businesses, you want a web hosting service that has a reputation for being better than the other businesses. This way you can rest assured in knowing that your website is in the best hands.
  2. Uptime guarantee. Uptime is the amount of time the website server takes to move your site to a proxy server in the event of a blackout or crash. These things happen all the time, but it is up to the website host to make sure your website isn’t down for too long of a time, which can be disastrous for a business that does high volume in a single day. In order to avoid this, look for servers with about 99.9% uptime. The longer a server or a proxy server can stay up, the less of a chance of having downtime.
  3. Immediate launch. Some webservers take a few days to actually propagate your website across the web. However, some people just can’t wait for a site to propagate – they need their company’s website up and running and accessible to potential customers across the world. So, when you are looking for a website hosting provider, make sure that they can get your site up instantaneously – without having to wait around. The longer you wait, the more money you could potentially be losing.
  4. 24/7 support. If you website does happen to crash, or you are having an issue, you typically want it resolved right away. This is why getting a human – a real human – on the phone to find a solution is so important. If you are paying a monthly fee to a web hosting service, the last thing you want is a robot giving you a bunch of prompts that don’t seem to go anywhere. So, make sure that you can get someone on the phone – at any time, on any day.
  5. Look for the highest ranking. Website hosting services can be aggregated and ranked according to many of the most crucial things to look for in a hosting provider. Sites likeĀ, allow people to look at a price, how much storage space they can get, and even price quotes. Sometimes you just have to go with the web hosting service that has not only everything that everyone else wants, but also what you want.

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