5 Best Free Plugins for Your Ecommerce WordPress

Many and many more people rely on internet for knowledge and access now. Ecommerce website is one of the most visited sites. If you manage one, you should consider adding appropriate plugins to your website. For wordpress, there are several great plugins you must have. Here are the best five of them.

1. Cart66 Lite

Even though light, this plugin is powerful. Digital and physical products can be listed here. Very effective!

2. EShop

It allows you to make listing and to add and customize the setting a lot easier.

jigoshop vs woocommerce vs ecommerce 5 Best Free Plugins for Your Ecommerce Wordpress3. Jigoshop

Adding products and the attributes will take only seconds, and your site will be full-fledged, enables your customer to choose easier.

4. Woocommerce

Many features are provided with elegant touch, and it allows multiple payment methods and extensions.

5. WP e-Commerce

This is the most favourite with multiple payment methods, customizable theme, template, and look. Most ecommerce sites use this.

Plugins will not only allow more people to prefer on your wordpress site but also help them to explore and gain more from you. This is how you make reliable source for those people, and how to optimize all you have. Study on your audience interest and enrich your e-Commerce wordpress.

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