Should You Do Your Own SEO or Hire a Professional?

Everyone in business today is talking about search engine optimization, or SEO; the careful and strategic manipulation of website content and traffic to increase search engine results page rankings. This exciting field represents one of the most valuable and cost-effective internet marketing techniques in the world today, and many businesses are seeking to get into the pile and one-up their competitors. Of course, the problem for many is funding. Is it worth it to invest in professional SEO, or should you attempt this marketing strategy on your own?

Doing your own SEO may be a valid option. The tools for this new kind of marketing are widely available, and many of them are free. Any business owner with a website can access Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools for free, and these are two of the most essential weapons in any SEO arsenal. Furthermore, SEO is heavily influenced by keyword optimization and content generation. If you know how to implement the right highly searched keywords throughout your website and keep fresh content pouring in, then you have the power to improve your search engine standings on your own.

However, not every business owner should attempt to fly solo when it comes to SEO. Never underestimate the vastness and complexity of this field. Search engines index and rank pages based on a variety of parameters, many of which are completely foreign territory for the average business owner. Even if you’re tech-savvy enough to have built your own website from scratch, you may not have all the skills needed to optimize your website for search engine ranking. Keep this in mind at all times.

The field of SEO is not static. Search engines are updated more frequently than you can imagine, and their algorithms are constantly being adjusted to filter out black-hat SEO tactics. The techniques that put your website on top today could land you with severe penalties tomorrow. SEO professionals are trained to work within the parameters of acceptable search engine optimization practices. They will give your website a solid foundation, and they’ll know how to adjust your website in the future to suit the constantly evolving demands of this intricate marketing medium.

Even if you do possess the extensive knowledge and specialized skills that are required for effective SEO, will you be able to keep up with its evolving nature? While you may view this as a one-time project, effective SEO is an ongoing process that could have you occupied for longer than you expect. Be sure that you’re thinking about this process realistically before you decide to take the plunge and start optimizing your website on your own.

SEO is an important part of any integrated marketing strategy, and it should be given serious consideration. Understand that you may not be qualified to do your own SEO, and the growing demands of the field could take your attention away from other important projects. The benefits of SEO are commensurate with the quality of the work. Investing in a professional service ensures that you get the highest quality work, making your SEO efforts worthwhile and beneficial to the growth of your business.

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