5 Ways for Bands to Market Their Music on Facebook

The marketing potential for musicians on Facebook has long been underestimated, but today many people are realizing that this is one of the best promotional channels on the web. Facebook has a vast user-base and a very highly trafficked network, making it prime ground for marketing of any kind. Musicians can take control of this for their own benefit, and use Facebook marketing as a way to generate exposure for their music in these great ways.

  1. Create a Fan Page
    The first step to marketing music on Facebook should be obvious, but some musicians still neglect it–create a fan page. You and your band-mates already have your own personal Facebook profiles, but your band needs its own page in order to make the most of this social network’s marketing potential. Start up a profile under your band’s name and invite everyone you know to become a fan. Friends and family members will likely be your first fans, and their sharing of your content will lead to more exposure in the near future.
  2. Promote Upcoming Shows
    Achieving success in the music industry requires tireless promotional efforts, and Facebook is the perfect place to get a head start on your own promo work. Every time you have a show or event coming up, hit the social media networks to update all of your fans simultaneously. Don’t be shy about promoting your shows. Post your first notifications as soon as venues and dates are secured, and keep updating your followers frequently to make sure everyone knows about your next big gig.
  3. Announce New Releases
    Your fans are eagerly awaiting new material, so use your band’s Facebook profile as a way to give them a heads up when new releases are on the way. Announce your release dates for records and singles, and tell everyone exactly where they can find your new music, whether it’s online or in stores. Give your fans a sneak peak at upcoming releases by posting teasers or demo clips of your latest material. New songs are exciting, so use this opportunity to get your fans excited.
  4. Connect with Other Bands
    The best thing about Facebook is its community vibe, and this is especially beneficial for musicians. By connecting with other bands on Facebook you can cross-pollinate your fan bases, which is good for everyone. Every time you meet another musician or band, add them to your list of Facebook connections. You’ll make new friends and you will often find yourself getting to know¬†music promoters, concert organizers, and other people who can help move your career along.
  5. Share Your Videos
    The internet loves videos, and music videos are some of the most popular short films on the web. Start turning your music into move magic by recording and releasing music videos. They don’t have to be big budget blockbusters; get in touch with friends or family members who are experience in film-making and start producing your own first music videos. Facebook is the perfect place to share them and generate huge exposure for your band.

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