10 Killer Tips and Tricks for Effective SEO On-Page Optimization

on page seo checklist factors latest google update 10 Killer Tips and Tricks for Effective SEO On Page OptimizationSEO optimization is basically really helpful in developing your page rank. To get to the top pages on Google search result, you will need the on page method. Several things are needed to make your website rocks it. Here are several effective proven tips and tricks to do it on your website.

#1. Place the Keyword on Right Spot!

Beside you need your page title to be 65 characters at most; you also have to place the most important keyword near it.

#2. Rocking Title

You need attractive title. Choose something interesting and representing. Then, place it on your page beginning. Remember, you need less than 65 characters title.

#3. The Meta Description

You will need effective meta description. Make it on one or two sentences. And most important of all, you will need the description to be short.

#4. Be Really Careful on Tags!

For effective tags, use the H2 and H3 tags as your sub headers. Then, you use your H1 tag just once on each page. This tag is the most important.

#5. Enrich the Images

Image draws more interest. Enrich the images with ALT tag. It makes the crawler easily recognize your images.

#6. Words and Keywords

We must work on this aspect as well. On file name, it will be best if we use the hyphens to separate the words and keywords phrases.

#7. Perfect Mapping

For perfect and effective result, you need HTML site map for your user and crawler. You also need to create robot.txt file, and you need the valid one.

#8. Keyword Use

To enhance the optimization, keyword plays important role. It is already proven that keyword used as anchor text makes the most effective optimization detail on a page.

#9. Fresh Content!

You do not only need it to be unique and really useful content. You also need it to be fresh and originally new content. Don’t copy any other article.

#10. Content and Keyword Percentage

The best content will be one 400 words at least, better to publish 1000 words to create attractive content. Then, the keyword should be around 1-2% for your content published. Don’t stuff article with many spammy keywords.

Of course, you will need to at first apply the entire basics of SEO strategies on all pages of your website. These tips and tricks complete the effort so you cannot only rely on these. If you have basics all covered, these tips and tricks are the best weapons for you to earn more from your website.

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