5 Internet Marketing Techniques to Promote and Sell Music Online

Music has been one of the greatest forms of art for centuries, and it has been touched by technology as much as any other aspect of our lives. The internet is now the number one platform for promoting and selling music, and it is necessary for musicians and producers alike to take advantage of this potential. It takes tireless effort to become successful in the music industry, but anyone who remembers these internet marketing techniques has the potential to make it big.

  1. Offer Free Downloads
    People need to hear your music, and more importantly, they need to be able to share it. Letting people listen to your music online is a great way to start introducing them to your sound, but offering a free download will enhance that potential greatly. Your listeners will be able to take your music with them to parties, social gatherings, and anywhere else people congregate. Send your music out into the world, generate a buzz, and start getting people interested by offering free downloads.
  2. Create Music Videos
    The world loves video. Ever since the first moving pictures ever hit the screen, the world has been entranced. Music videos have been huge ever since the early days of MTV, and their power is huge on the internet today. It’s easier than ever to make a good looking music video and promote it through online platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. Bring you music to life by producing fun and engaging videos that your listeners love to watch. No musician should underestimate the power of this medium.
  3. Promote Through Social Media
    It cannot be denied that social media is one of the most powerful marketing tools on the internet today. This is especially true in the music industry. Social media networks are great avenues for getting in touch with fans, promoters, venues, and everyone else who can help publicize your music. Peer to peer sharing is the big thing today, and social media is the ultimate facilitator. Use this platform to post updates about new material, upcoming shows, and anything else that your audience will want to see and hear.
  4. Get in Touch with Writers
    Often, the best way to generate publicity is to let someone else do it for you. This philosophy can be seen at work inĀ celebrity news, press releases, and dozens of other places in the media. Get in touch with local writers, offer them new music for review, and get live shows covered. A write-up in a local magazine or influential blog can get you a huge amount of exposure in a short amount of time. Get writers to promote your music for you, and your only problem will be keeping up with demand.
  5. Sell Your Music Digitally
    Record stores haven’t died out. In fact, they’re running strong in many places. However, online music sales have taken a huge chunk out of the market. Selling music digitally is a great step for any musician, and it can be done with or without the help of a label. This is where the internet becomes magical for musicians. It holds the power to reach all corners of the globe without major label back, and this was not possible until very recently. Take advantage of this new sales platform, and start selling your music digitally.

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