7 Facebook Tips For Driving Traffic To Your Blog

Drive Traffic Facebook to Blog 7 Facebook Tips For Driving Traffic To Your BlogIs it even possible to drive traffic from Facebook to your blog? Well it is harder than people tell you, because it often means that the Facebook user must have a lot of enthusiasm and adoration for you in order to look at your blog. Your Facebook friends are only going to look if you prompt them to, and unless your Facebook Fan Page is being advertised, then there is little incentive to hop from there to your blog. And if you are promoting your Facebook Fanpage, then why not promote your blog instead and cut out the middle agent?

It is difficult to get people from Facebook, onto your blog, but here are a few tips to help you capitalize on Facebook traffic.

1 – Do not delete comments (under most circumstances)

Many people will edit their Facebook comments and blog comments in order to make themselves look better. You should not delete your comments unless they are vulgar, offensive, or are slurs. You should make sure that you respond to the comments on your Facebook, and then reply to them as respectfully and positively as you can.

Your goal is not to show off your great image. You also need to convert the people who are not your biggest fans. Because people are going to say what they think, and others will agree with them. So do not look at your comments in a good or bad light, look at them as the voices of the “silent” majority. If you can appease and impress them, then you are also doing it for the rest of the people who look at your Facebook pages.

2 – Post two or three times per week

Not only that, but keep your advertising to a minimum. People do not go to Facebook to be advertised to. They go on there for a number of reasons, and one of them is to look at fun or interesting posts. Feel free to mention how great you are (occasionally) but your Facebook pages must not be all about how great you are. You need to post things that people will like, and that you can add a bit towards. For example, you could post pictures with a URL at the bottom of each one, or you could post textual content with a link to your blog at the very end.

3 – Share links with other people

This may seem like a dumb idea, but you should try to do it at least once per week. You should share links with people who send them right back to you. How you do it is up to you, but the point is that you link to something of theirs, and they link to your blog. You both get the chance to take advantage of any direct traffic that may come via those links. You both get something from the deal, with little investment on each end.

4 – Consider adding a little bit of personality to your posts

Personality can include the funny stuff, but it does not have to. It can involve things such as opinions that are more than just stating something as a fact. You could add a little bit of foolishness into your posts, or add a bit of passion into your posts. Why not let the people find out who you are before you start asking them to look at your blog. Maybe they will learn to love the author before the text.

5 – Use the bio links you find with social media

It is not just Facebook that has a bio. Places such as Twitter and LinkedIN have bio sections, and you can use them to link to your blog. You can link to your blog and send targeted and direct traffic to you blog. It may not get as much immediate traffic as a profile post, but it will have a positive long term effect.

6 – Schedule your posts using a scheduling tool

You need to do this to be sure that you post at the same time every week. Your viewers will know when to return, and will be more assured of your weekly posts (in that they will be aware that you post every week, regularly).

7 – You should give your viewers an advert

Every week you should come up with a short Facebook post that is nothing but an advert for your blog. You should give people a preview, giving them a few hints as to the blog post’s content. You should also ask a few questions that your blog post answers, to see if people will go to your blog to find the answers.

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