7 Killer Tips to Increase EdgeRank and Improve Facebook Fans Page Becomes Authority

facebook edgerank algorithm change 7 Killer Tips to Increase EdgeRank and Improve Facebook Fans Page Becomes AuthorityThe way Facebook lets you know what is happening in your world is by showing you the recent updates of your friends and pages that you have liked. Facebook presents them on your News Feed right after you are logging into your account. The calculations of your interests that are able to get into your News Feed are calculated with an algorithm which is called EdgeRank. Not only that, if you own a Facebook Fans Page, an EdgeRank will affect your business and your readers, or people who have liked your page, to see your updates through their News Feed. Bellow is 7 killer tips to help you to increase your EdgeRank.

  1. Post items that will boost up participation
  2. It is better for you to post some interesting, simple, and easy to understand kinds of question. Asking such questions will make your readers easier to give responses.

  3. Use photos or videos to get more interest
  4. Try to couple the thumbnails of your photos and videos with a question or an interesting caption content. In return, you will increase your visibility.

  5. Wisely choose the moment to post
  6. Consider your target audience. If you are targeting your post to be read by students, post something after the school hours, same like if your target audience is workers, or work-at-home mothers.

  7. Use Facebook advertising
  8. With Facebook advertising, you can promote your posts to a wider audience, even your ads will be visible to people that have liked your page already. Choose the inexpensive Facebook ads, and it will do the trick.

  9. Detach your automated posts
  10. Try not to use synchronization to make posts on your page. Some tools or other applications such as HootSuite, TweetDeck, and NetworkedBlogs can automatically post your tweets or blogs to Facebook. Though you might think that such tools make your busy social media marketer seem easier, it will impact your post because synchronization water-down it.

  11. Try to post regularly
  12. Make sure you are posting every day, so that your chance of being in the most front of your fans gets bigger.

  13. Be a fan of flyte new media
  14. Flyte new media on Facebook helps you to increase your EdgeRank, though it is not significantly. This page also helps you with great and effective tips about Facebook marketing and also EdgeRank.

In conclusion, you need to get into your targeted audience’s News Feed in order to improve your page becomes authority. The tips above will surely help you to understand and increase your EdgeRank as well. Good luck!

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