Top 5 Virtual Private Server Hosting

cloud vps Top 5 Virtual Private Server HostingThe Virtual Private Server Hosting or also known as VPS hosting is a nice system that lets you make your own serve in there. You can gather so much information and post it in your VPS and let people read what you got. This is something like a larger version of the CMS and shared server. In this one you get your own server so you can freely gather information and put it in your private server for people to look at. Here are several popular VPS Hosting out there that you can try.

InMotion Hosting, Largest Bandwith Available

The InMotion is a popular VPS hosting with the currently largest bandwidth available on the internet. You can use this for various purposes especially if you need to store lots of file data in he VPS. You can start using the hosting to share various files whether you want to use it for commercial purpose or you are going to use it because you really need large space to store your data.

HostV, A More Personal VPS

If the InMotion has a very large storage for you to store all your data, this one has smaller size but with larger RAM. This is so that you can do lots of things with the wide space for progressing work. The disk space is 50GB and is usually intended for more personal use to store data on the internet rather than store the data on your PC without having to risk the file to be gone when something happens to your PC. That is the most reason some people use the service of this HostV. Some others use it so they can sell or simply share he file they have with other people.

1&1 VPS Hosting, Fast Progress with Cheaper Fee

The 1&1 is a personal type VPS hosting. The storage size is only 20GB but the RAM is 512 MB. This VOS is not recommended for those who need large space though. Just like what you see above, the storage is only 20GB. However, this is perfect to store documents because the documents do not consume too much space. 20GB is really enough to store one company’s data if you want to use it for company purpose. The fee is also cheaper than the HostV so it will be perfect.

Liquid WEB, Another High Storage Personal VPS

This one is another VPS hosting for personal use but with a large storage size and RAM too. With 512 RAM and 75GB storage, you can do lots of things with the VPS. You can store your personal data, sell it or share it with other people, making forums, posting articles, this can be your secondary storage media if your PC cannot save any more data for you.


Could be used for various things in your internet life. There are so many things you should use the site for but this one can be used for various purposes. The bandwidth is 1 Terabyte and the RAM is 376. But the storage is only 10GB. Still enough to save documents though. This is a cheap alternative to safe guard important documents of yours.

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