5 Guidelines of E-Commerce Checkout Design

eCommerce web design 5 Guidelines of E Commerce Checkout DesignThere are so many important actions you have to take when you want to get lots of visitors to your site as E-commerce site. We have to understand how people commonly think in order to be able to provide them with the best experience of visiting a site. Here are the guidelines in making E-Commerce Checkout Design.

Sufficient Information in One Page

When you write something on the site you are managing, make sure you put a sufficient amount of information in it. The human brain can only store several amounts sof information at one time. If you write too much, your reader will be bored or feel that they could not remember all the information at once. Retain the information amount to 5 to 9 topics.

Make It Fast

The efficiency of the page changing progress also plays a huge role in attracting readers to your site. You should not make them wait for too long during the page load site. How you do it? By simplifying the page as much as possible. You can still make your page entertaining but without too much glitter and eye-catching plugins by maximizing the use of simple plugin. Too many plugins will slow down the page loading time as well as making the vistor confused on too many plugins in one page.

Easy Navigation

Navigation is also very important in keeping your visitors’ interest to your site. This is because most visitors don’t want to venture too deep in a new site yet. If they just visit your site for the first time, they want to know what kind of information they want to get from the site. That is why you have to manage your site navigation so that your most appealing article will be easier to access as well as going from one section to another become easier.

Be Direct

When you give your information to the reader, refrain from using confusing word patterns or plots. Be strong and give out what you wanted easier. That way, you will be able to keep your visitor’s attention without making them bored.

The Title

Make an eye-catching title for your site to draw visitors. The title is very important because this will be the first thing to see when you visit a site. An eye-catching title will draw lots of visitors and even more interesting contents will keep them coming to your site. That is how you work on an e-commerce checkout design.

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