5 Mobile Marketing Tips to Help Drive Sales for Your Business

When it comes to small business marketing, you have to get creative. This means not only thinking outside of the box – it means reimagining a perspective with no box at all. In this day and age, there are many tools that you can use to boost your brand’s mobile presence. When it comes down to it, you can also boost your brand’s web presence as well. These days, people visit the web on their phone and as mobile devices become more and more advanced, the shift to mobile web viewing will become dominant. This is why taking measures to improve your mobile marketing is so important. Here are five mobile marketing tips to help drive sales.

  1. Make your website available to view on a phone or tablet. Ideally, you want to create a special mobile version for your website. Most platforms will automatically create a mobile version for you. These versions have unique navigation that makes it easier to view your content on a mobile device. If this process is not automatic, you want to speak with your web developer about implementing this option.
  2. Make videos that can be viewable on mobile devices. When you create and upload videos to your site, most of them can’t be viewed on mobile devices – mostly because some mobile devices don’t allow certain video formats. This is why you want to upload your videos onto a platform that can be viewed on multiple different mobile, smartphone, and tablet devices.
  3. Make an application that can be downloaded and used by your customers. Applications can also be really powerful. Right now, there are millions of applications that you can download. These apps do everything from tabulate your tip at a restaurant to help you find a certain business in your community. If your business offers a service, you may want to offer your service in the form of an application that people can download and use. This is a great way to connect to more customers and to brand and market your business.
  4. Make sure to shorten URLs and create shortcuts to view content. You may also want to think about reformatting all of the links on your website. If you have multiple sections, you may want to create shortened URLs so that people can share your content without having to type in multiple characters. Shortening URLs is also critical for the sake of publishing content on your social media feeds, like Twitter and Facebook. A lot of people use social media on their phones, so shortening URLs may be beneficial.
  5. Make your content available for wearable technology. Wearable technology is quickly becoming more and more popular, so you may want to think about reformatting your website for these platforms. For instance, people are now wearing computers in a wrist watch-like fashion. In the end, bringing your brand as close as someone’s wrist can be incredibly powerful for the sake of branding and marketing your business.

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