Top 5 Mobile Banking Apps for 2014

You may not realize it, but the entire banking industry is going through a technological revolution. Tellers are being replaced by automatic tellers and applications are eliminating the need to “run to the bank.” With many of the top banking apps, you can move funds, pay bills, send money and even deposit checks. Some of these apps make it incredibly easy to manage and budget finances. The best part is that these mobile banking apps are democratized, so big businesses, small businesses and even the average Joe can do their banking – without the hassle of long lines or getting stuck in traffic. Here are the top five mobile banking apps for 2014.

  1. Wells Fargo Mobile app. Wells Fargo is one of the oldest banking institutions and it is has always been on the forefront of new technologies, so you can expect a great app. Not only does the Wells Fargo mobile application – which can be accessed by Apple and Android devices – allow customers to check balances, but you can also transfer funds and find the nearest branch. All around, this is quite a useful application if you bank with Wells Fargo.
  2. Bank of America app. If you want a banking app that is secure, intuitive and allows you the opportunity to conveniently get your financial responsibilities out of the way from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet device, the Bank of America app is for you. Not only does this app allow you take a glance at your current financials, but you can also deposit checks using the mobile check deposit function. It is pretty self-explanatory – all you have to do is open the application and you will be prompted to take a picture of the back and front of the check. Afterwards, all you have to do is click ‘enter’ and you have officially deposited a check.
  3. Chase banking app. This is one of the most advanced mobile banking applications because you can do almost every function you can think of – and more. Not only can you view your balance and deposit checks, but you can also adjust your settings to alert you when you go over a certain budget amount. Moreover, you can adjust the settings to let you know when any suspicious charges have gone through, thus reducing the risk for theft.
  4. E-Trade Mobile Pro app. E-Trade already has a reputation for making investing easier and a more democratic experience. Well, the E-Trade Mobile Pro application takes this ethos a step further. You can view stocks, bonds and you can keep an eye on the major trading markets. Not only that, but you can move funds, invest and back out – all with your phone or tablet device.
  5. Schwab Mobile app. For the more advanced trader, the Schwab Mobile app makes it easy to trade, check stocks and even cash out. One of the main issues with trading is having to be stuck in one place monitoring the markets. With this application, you can trade from the comfort of living room, car, or while you are running to the market. In the end, this app makes the avid investor mobile, which can offer a huge competitive advantage.

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