Online Reputation Protection for Lawyers

Online Reputation ProtectionLawyers and solicitors play an important part in the justice system. Regardless of the area of speciality, certain cases and clients may draw negative attention to a lawyer or practice. This is especially true of criminal lawyers who are trying high-profile cases or behaving in an adversarial manner in the courtroom. Despite best efforts, public attacks on blogs, forums and social media may occur. Fortunately, there are ways for lawyers to protect their reputations.

Disarming Reputation Attacks

The Internet has made the market for clients very competitive, which makes reputation protection crucial. The first time a potential client finds any information about a family lawyer or firm may be through a search engine. If there are many negative reviews and comments, it is unlikely that person will want to retain services with that firm.

Negativity may not be completely avoidable, but it can be played down with a strong web presence. Along with a website that features positive feedback, solicitors can take advantage of LinkedIn and Facebook as marketing tools to promote their services. Martindale and Avvo are review sites that are useful for lawyers to demonstrate their experience and in-depth knowledge to potential clients.

Avoiding Adversity

A favorible reputation is directly tied to success in winning cases. Criminal lawyers who do not manage their reputations well may find their failure and success rates, along with methodologies and qualifications, questioned by those who do an Internet search. This could result in juries, witnesses and even judges being influenced by what they find about a lawyer online, which could have an impact on the outcome of cases.

In order to avoid this scenario, it is best practice to keep information about prior cases out of the search engines. This may not be possible if there was a trial of a prominent person or a case that was steeped in controversy. This is where online reputation management (ORM) is a worthy investment. Lawyers who use an ORM can quickly re-establish privacy and client discretion as well as boost a more positive image to search engines and the general public.

Whether it is a family lawyer in private practice or a high-profile firm, a positive reputation is the key to success. Using an ORM, along with tools such as Google Alerts, lawyers can stay on top of what is being said about them in order to present a picture of experience, reliability and trust.

Author’s bio: Alexander Law is a law firm based in Paddington, Caboolture and Melbourne. They has extensive experience in a wide range of areas of law including Conveyancing and Property Law, Criminal Law, Family Law, Intellectual Property Law, Litigation, Wills and Estates, Commercial and Corporate Law and Immigration Law.

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