5 Basic SEO Tips and Tricks for Newbies

Many people wonder what the future of SEO will be. Some say that SEO will be driven mainly by video content and others say that written content – in the form of blogging and hyperlinking – will always be king. However, for newbies, it is important to know that SEO is changing all the time – it is a constantly evolving digital marketing tool that businesses must adapt to. The more time you spend concerned about its future, the more time you could be losing your place on the search engines. When it comes down to it, the major search engines are always changing their algorithms, which means that you always have to tailor your SEO campaign accordingly. Here are five basic SEO tips and tricks for newbies.

  1. Don’t cheat the system. Search engine optimization is akin to a currency and as such it is important to not steal your place at the top of the search engine. One of the most critical SEO tips you need to know is that if you take black hat measures, like farming links or duplicating content, your site won’t so much crawl an inch past whatever back page your website is on. In fact, you may even get a penalty that could force your website to stay on the back pages.
  2. Make sure that all content is not only readable, but also well written. These days, the search engines are trying to make their results more accurate – they are selling a product after all. That product is an engine that allows you to search for all the world’s information in a millisecond. So, if your content is automatically generated or if blog posts aren’t well written, they will get pushed further and further back in the rankings. So, make sure that your content is excellent – hire real writers, copy edit and make sure you aren’t placing irrelevant links.
  3. Understand the important of relevancy. It is also critical that you understand the importance of relevancy. No matter what, you want your SEO campaign to be relevant in the context of your efforts. What this means is that if you have a piece of content, you want to make sure it is relevant for the site that it is on and for the links that are hyperlinked. If there is a lack of relevancy, your SEO campaign will not be as successful.
  4. It takes time and patience. When you plant a flower, do you sit there and watch the soil until you see budding? – Probably not. When it comes to implementing an SEO campaign, you may not see germination for a couple of weeks – maybe even a couple of months. So, be patient and let your efforts flower before you shut down the whole campaign.
  5. Hire the big guns when you need it. Doing on site SEO can help – it really can – but if you want to really make your presence known on the World Wide Web, you want to call in the big guns. Hiring professional SEO specialists can really help your website rank higher and higher in the search engines. If you don’t have the experience or the know-how, bringing in professional help to kick start your campaign can be incredibly helpful and advantageous.

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