5 Benefits of Using Video on Your Blog or Website

Video can be an immensely powerful tool when it comes to being able to market your business, attract more visitors to your website or blog, or to engage viewers and lower your bounce rate. What is a bounce rate? A bounce rate is basically a measure used to determine how many people are leaving your site after visiting the first page. It is usually quantified by a percentage. For instance, a bounce rate of anything higher than 75% is not good – it means that people are leaving your site almost immediately. It also means much lower sales conversions if you have an online store. Here are five benefits of using video on your blog or website.

  1. You can increase visitors to your website. A cleverly crafted, funny or weird video can have the power to significantly raise the visitorship to your website. By creating what they call a “viral video” and uploading it to a video platform for online video management, you can possibly increase visitors to your website ten-fold or more. A single viral video has the capability of reaching millions of people around the world. Plus, the viral capability is exponential.
  2. You can entertain visitors on your website. By featuring videos on your website or blog, you can have a source of entertainment that visitors can enjoy. In most cases, the experience of visiting a website can be pretty dry. However, if you have a video on your site, you could spark interest, which can ultimately set your website apart from all the others. Not only that, but if you feature a new video on a weekly or monthly basis, you can get people to come back to your blog on a regular basis. Having repeat visitors can be incredibly advantageous, because it can boost brand loyalty.
  3. You can engage visitors on your website. Many websites don’t have the power to engage – they just aren’t that interesting or the visitor takes one look at the landing page and decides to leave. However, now that video is so powerful and is easy to watch online – without a lot of buffering time – you can offer a video that inspires visitors to explore your website in more depth.
  4. You can educate visitors on your website. Video can also be a powerful tool when it comes to being able to educate visitors, which can be especially important if your product or service is new or not easy to understand. Many people visit a website and are confused by what a certain product is. With a video, however, you can easily explain what your business does or makes, which will be a lot clearer than providing that explanation in written form.
  5. You can increase sales conversions. Indeed, video has the power to engage, spike visitorship and it can entertain, but it can also do something else that is quite powerful: it can boost sales conversions. The more people you bring to your site, the higher the conversion rate will be. If you have a high performing video, you may just see sales conversions shoot through the roof.

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