Top 5 Virtual Assistant Training and Management Tips

Hiring a virtual assistant is an effective way to help manage your priorities and the items on your professional “to-do” list. Your time is valuable, and you’d much rather be spending it on pro ducting projects that require your specific expertise instead of on repetitious things like scheduling, planning, emails and files. You also want to be cost effective, and so a virtual assistant is the best way to go since they are not hired in a traditional sense. Here are the top 5 vital assistant training and management tips.

  1. When choosing your virtual assistant, be sure to ask questions upfront so that you truly understand what this individual is or is not capable of. You don’t want to assume they can do something and get your hopes up. Find out if their skills and abilities suit your professional needs so that you can hire the right assistant for you.
  2. You will then need to train your assistant as you would any other employee. Explain how you business works and what kinds of task you typically are responsible for. Set things up in advance for your new assistant such as your schedule, travel, emails, communications and more.
  3. Keep communication lines consistent and clear. Working over the internet can lead to miscommunications and other issues if you are not proactive about staying in close contact with your virtual assistant. Make sure your assistant feels comfortable being honest and upfront with you. If he or she doesn’t feel like they can get in touch with you regarding a question or concern, they may up doing something wrong or making a serious error. Likewise, make sure thane you delegate a task that you needs are clear and explicit so that you cant et the results you are expecting.
  4. Have a paper trail. As this anything you do on the computer, you need to keep track of all incoming and outgoing emails, assignments, documents and files for your records. Also keep track of your communications between yourself and you assistant as evidence of correspondence. Finally, backup important information on your dropBox account and never rely on your assistant to save everything for you.
  5. Finally, consider using apps to help you and your personal assistant stay on the same page. Apps like GrexIt can help to integrate all aspects of your personal assistant’s responsibilities. This app uses Google labels to help you stay on track and up to date with dealings, projects and meetings. It also make it easy for you to assign or delegate tracks to your personal assistant in some place for all of your various needs.

If you think hiring a virtual assistant is right for you and your professional needs, you will need to know to to delegate tasks, train and manage this individual efficiently for the best experience and results. You may hire something from Craigslist or on a more specify site likeĀ Using these tips will ensure that you have clear communication, established, realistic expectations, back up all of your files to reduce emergencies and so much more.

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