5 Ways to Make Your Visual Content Go Viral

Viral content is coveted in the world of online marketing. Why is viral content so valuable? The reason is simple: viral content increases the amount of visitors to a website or online store. The more visitors there are, the higher the sales conversions. For instance, if a certain video goes viral and a few hundred thousand people visit your site, there is a good chance that 5% of those visitors will purchase something, which is a pretty good conversion rate. But the question then becomes: how do you make content that goes viral? Here are five ways to make your visual content go viral.

  1. Attack trends. There are many trending topics and each day those trends may change or shift ever so slightly. After a few days, the trend may be completely different. This means that you need to capitalize on a certain trending topic, release the video and let social media work its magic. The trending topic could have something to do with politics, or maybe music – all you have to do is look online and you will find a great topic.
  2. Be funny and ridiculous. People want to share content that is funny or ridiculous. When you are creating a viral campaign, you want to inspire people to share the content with friends, family and co-workers. In fact, this is exactly how viral videos get circulated. The more people share the video, the more viral it will become. So, you want to find ways to make the content as hilarious as possible. Perhaps you know someone that is funny, or perhaps you have a few ideas yourself – all you have to do is plug your content with jokes, gags and comedic bits.
  3. Make it catchy. When it comes down to it, one of the best ways to make something go viral is to get your content stuck in someone’s head. You can use catchphrases, soundbites, music or anything else that you think people won’t be able to forget. The best way to make something go viral is to make people want to watch, read or view the content over and over again.
  4. Enlist the help of a specialized production house. If you really want to make your content go through the roof – in a viral sense – you may want to enlist professional help. For instance, a production company, likeĀ Evolve Media Production, will be able to not only create stunning viral content, but they will also be able to position the content so that it has the chance of getting the most viewers.
  5. Offer something great. Whether it’s a free item or a steep discount code, there is nothing like offering your services or your product at no charge or for a significantly lower rate. Not only that, but people like to get excited about contests, so you may want to create some kind of sweepstakes. At the end of the day, nothing gets people more in the spirit than offering a little bit of competition.

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