5 Helpful Money-Saving Apps for Broke College Students

College is a time when you are short on cash more often than you’d like to be. With your college tuition, living expenses, and text books, there is a good chance that you are looking for a way to either save money or make money. Well, if you have a smartphone or a tablet, you are in luck, because there are a number of different applications out there that can help you save money. Wouldn’t you like to have the money for dinner at a restaurant once a while? Shouldn’t you be able to enjoy life when you don’t have a big exam or paper to write? Here are five helpful money-saving apps for broke college students.

  1. Lemon Wallet. The days when we don’t have to carry around a wallet or pocket purse are almost here. This application is unique, because it allows you to keep most of your credit cards at home – something that the credit card companies would never want you to do. But alas, this unique application allows you to keep all your credit cards in one nifty place, so that you can check your balances and your daily spending – you can even make purchases too – without having to lug your credit cards around.
  2. Venmo. Sick of your friends not paying your back for getting pizza or drinks one night? This application is amazing because it allows you to attach your bank account information and whenever you need to pay back a friend or if you have a friend that owes you money, you can always use Venmo to do so. In fact, this app should be a prerequisite for any close group of friends that are tired of getting resentful about outstanding loans – no matter how trivial. When it comes to college, any amount of money is a lot of money.
  3. Mint. This is the ultimate application for broke college students that want to really get their finances on track. With this application, you can link up your bank account and Mint will do the rest. It will create diagrams, bar graphs and pie charts of your major spending using multiple different categories and it will even show you where you can save money by cutting back on some of those expenses. Not only that, but this app will also help you meet financial goals.
  4. Gas Buddy. This is a great application, because with the rising gas prices and the uncertainty of where the next cheapest gas station may be, Gas Buddy will really be your buddy. And if you are trudging through anĀ AACSB online MBA program, you will still need this application, because there is a good chance that you will leave the computer to get food or to enjoy some much needed social time with friends.
  5. Bill Guard. Unfortunately, broke college students are usually the ones that get slapped with the most fees – mainly because their finances are so all over the place. With this application, you can protect yourself against some of these hidden charges and fees. Not only that, but Bill Guard will also alert you when it suspects fraud on your bank account. As a broke college student, sometimes saving your money also means protecting your money.

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