5 Easy Steps to Launching a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

There are so many great things about the internet. You can research all kinds of information on various search engines. You can connect with long lost friends via social media platforms. And, you can raise money for your latest invention, production or company.

That’s right. Thanks to popular crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter, Indiegogo and Crowdfunder, you now have the ability to raise thousands (and sometimes even millions of dollars) by simply setting up an online campaign and then asking people to make monetary contributions to it.

If this is something that you would like to know more about, you’re in luck. Below, we are going to share with you five easy steps that you should follow in order to launch a successful crowdfunding campaign below:

Look for the kind of crowdfunding site that’s just right for you. We’ve already mentioned three crowdfunding sites that tend to get a lot of media attention but there are several others that are centered around specific themes. For instance, Crowdrise is a site for charities; RocketHub focuses on creative projects and Quirky is a crowdfunding site that’s specifically for inventors. To learn about more of all of the crowding sites that are available online, go to your favorite search engine and put “crowdfunding sites” in the search field.

Create a campaign that people can get excited about. Although your particular product or service is something that your mom will love and give money to simply because you came up with the idea, if you want others to want to make a donation, you’re going to need to create the kind of campaign that they can really get excited about supporting. So make sure that your copy is concise, relatable and clearly explains what you are needing money for.

Have a Q&A section. The initial copy on your crowdfunding page should provide general information about your campaign; however, it’s also important to provide a Q&A section too. For instance, currently Wrappily.com, an eco-friendly gift wrap company, is running a campaign on Indiegogo. If you go to their campaign page, you will see that they have a video posted, information about the benefits of their products and also the reasons why they need you to help them reach their $25,000 goal. All of this is helpful information and can make contributors more at ease about making a donation.

Let your online connections know. Once your campaign is ready, it’s then time to let the people in your world you know. Post a link to your campaign on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media pages. And if you send newsletters through Constant Contact or Mail Chimp, alert your readers through that too.

Make your own pitch video. Remember how we mentioned that Wrappily.com has a video featured on theirĀ crowd funding campaign page? That’s also something that you should consider doing; not just to put on your own campaign page but also to post on your website and to feature on your YouTube subscription channel (if you have one). It’s a smart approach for people who may not have the time to do a lot of reading about your project but still may want some specific information. For more information on crowdfunding sites, visit Forbes and put “top crowdfunding campaigns” in the search field.

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