5 Essential Back-to-School Apps for College Students

Your first day of college is an exciting day indeed. It marks the first official day of your freedom from the confines of your parent’s guidance. They will still be there for you, but for now on – you get to control your own destiny. With this responsibility comes a lot of work. College life can be fun, but actually getting through college can be a challenge. This is why college students need a number of tools to get them through the challenging times. Some of these applications are for organization, some are for budgeting and some will help you with your exams. Here are five essential back-to-school-apps for college students.

  1. StudyBuddy. This is a unique application that can really help college students get through the tough courses in college. Whether you are gettingĀ Adelphi’s health informatics degree or NYU’s psychology degree, StudyBuddy is there for you when you are studying for exams and writing final term papers. Basically, the application records how much time you have been studying and how often you take breaks, so that you can have a healthy balance of both and improve test scores.
  2. Wunderlist. This is an amazing application for college students. With school, classes, studying, friends and part-time jobs, this app allows college students to completely manage their life with detailed and organized to-do lists. This app will also remind you that you need to get certain things on your list done before a certain time. For instance, if you need to go to the market after school to pick up some eggs, this app will let you know. If you need to study for a certain exam, Wunderlist will make sure that you fit studying for that exam into your homework schedule.
  3. ZotPad. If you do a lot of research and don’t have a lot of place to store it, ZotPad will be your new best friend. This application basically takes all your scholarly research articles and source references and stores it in one nice, easy to manage and retrieve interface. This amazing application will also compile a bibliography for you – in the format that you want it in. Are you done with a twenty page research paper and now have to write a detailed bibliography? Now you don’t have to – all thanks to ZotPad.
  4. AudioNote. Sometimes you get to class late and have to sit in the back of the lecture hall. The only problem with this is that you can’t really hear the professor give his lecture. With AudioNote, you can place your smartphone or tablet closer to the front of the classroom and take audio notes of the lecture. This app will even take those notes and compile them into text for you to read later.
  5. Mint. Mint is a website and platform that connects with your personal bank account, so that you can budget your entire financial life. The best part about Mint is that it will create a budget automatically – based on a few specifications. As a college student managing your money can be difficult, but Mint will be like your own personal financial advisor.

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