5 Reasons to Clean Up Your Social Media Profiles Before Applying to Colleges

There used to be a time when our lives were a lot more private than they used to be. That was before social media came onto the scene and thanks to websites like Facebook, Twitter, Four Square, Instagram (and as of late, Vine), people are constantly posting status updates, pictures and other random pieces of information.

Although social media tends to be used as a way to stay in contact with family members and friends, it can also be a really convenient thing as it relates to school and work. But if you don’t make a point to stop and think about what you’re saying (and doing) before you let the world know, it can end up costing you things like admission into your preferred college or even landing a job following graduation.

If you happen to be someone who uses social media on a pretty regular basis and you know that you have not been very discerning about what you have been putting on your pages, we have five reasons why you should definitely clean up your social media profiles before applying to colleges below:

Some things are really just meant for family members and friends to see. Being that many reports indicate that 9 out of every 10 employers check social media accounts before hiring an individual, you can pretty much bet that college administration offices do the same thing. And being that a picture is worth a thousand words, you don’t want to present the wrong message with some of the photographs that may be posted with you and some of your friends on your page.

People really do believe that your friends (even Facebook friends) speak volumes about your character. You know what they say, “Birds of a feather flock together”. And so, if you have friends who use lots of expletives or are constantly talking about the clubs and bars that you all hang out at, it doesn’t really send the kind of message that you are a good candidate for college. You should probably delete these remarks.

What you say speaks to what you think. Colleges are looking for people who don’t just act focused and mature during college interviews or on their essays, but actually are. Although it’s far more common for a prospective employer to ask you to login to your Facebook or Twitter page during an interview, don’t put it past a college administrator to do the same. If you’re talking online about what they consider to be inappropriate things, chances are, they are going to have a hard time believing that you are really ready for college.

Colleges consider their students to be representatives of their institution. Whether you’re going to college to become a teacher, an accountant or even to earn your digital marketing degree , once you are accepted to a particular school, you are considered to be a part of their “family”. This means that what you do, administrators consider to be a direct reflection on them. So, if what you’re doing in social media is something that you think would put the school in a bad light, it’s something that you shouldn’t have on your pages.

You need to use your time more wisely. And finally, another great reason to clean up your social media profiles is because once you get into school, you need to use your time more wisely. If you start making your pages more “casually professional” now, by then it will send a message to all of the people connected to you that you’re focused more on healthy interactions and not simply wasting time. And to a college, that is something they’re going to definitely be glad to see.

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