7 Essential Tips for Search Engine Ranking

best keyword research tool market samurai 7 Essential Tips for Search Engine RankingBeing easily recognized in search engine is not only beneficial but also profitable if you want to earn money from your site. There are several essential tips we can try to make sure our site recognized on top list of the search engine result. The tips include the following steps.

1. Keyword Research

It includes searching for the amount of audience looking for your website.

2. Low Competition Niche Keyword

Google AdWords can be used to decide the best niche keyword for your website.

3. Think Differently

Explore more on relevant keywords instead of most popular ones.

4. End User Focus

Insert the keywords on your content. Each page can handle 3-5 keywords.

5. Custom Titles and Description

Custom tag on each page is highly needed for searching engine to find the subject.

6. Use Inspection Tool

It will also give you site map to help you correct everything.

7. Keep It Simple

URL structure, navigation, and structure should be simple for easy recognition.

The entire tips will take time to be done. Do it one by one and take as much time as you need it. Several site owners already prove those tips to be effective. Start your research and effort now, and enjoy the result of your effort in just no time.

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