5 Reasons to Add Your Business to An Online Directory

Any business looking to attract new customers or expand outside of their home market must have an online presence. The internet effectively replaces the need for a brick and mortar storefront, cutting your monthly expenses drastically while also providing access to literally millions of potential customers and clients all around the world. However, regardless of how strong your product or service may be, you cannot simply set up a website, sit back and wait for the cash to flow in. There may well be hundreds of other sites out there competing for the same market, and many of them have far larger advertising budgets than you do. If the customer cannot find you, you won’t get his business. And that’s why you should think carefully about these five reasons to add your business to an online directory.

In the simplest possible terms, an online directory assists people who are searching for something on the internet. Whatever you might be seeking, a quick Google or Bing search will inevitably turn up at least one business directory with a bunch of local options that fit your needs. By adding your business to one of these directories you are reaching customers without spending a lot of money. Even though online advertising is far more targeted than traditional means, it can still be expensive. Joining an online directory gives you the chance to enjoy significant visibility without blowing your budget. Listing on most online directories is completely free, so your only investment is time and attention.

Speaking of time, promoting your business through an online directory gives you a maximum benefit with a minimum amount of time spent. SEO marketing is quite useful, but the goal there is always narrowing down the search results so your niche audience finds you. That’s a great thing, but online directories help you reach a huge amount of people in a small amount of time. And you won’t spend that much time setting it up. Some directories give you a bulk upload option, so you can list multiple business locations all in one sitting.

Online directories also vastly expand your exposure level. Do you expect people to just stumble across your website? Some will, but your results will be limited. You can pick and choose the online directories that serve you best, on local, regional, national and international levels. If you’ve got a product that can easily be shipped, there’s no reason to limit yourself. A business directory is the perfect fit in that case.

You will still want people to find you when searching with particular keywords. That’s really the key to effective internet marketing. And joining proper online directories will help your business show up in more search results. Just make sure you analyze all of the available directories before choosing the right partners. If the directory isn’t optimized for the proper search terms it won’t be that useful for you.

Finally, use those business directories to speed up the growth process for your business. Remember the old days when you had to hunt through the Yellow Pages if you needed to find a business? That process could take hours, and involved a lot of trial and error. Your entry in that England directory, that U.S. directory or the market directory that best fits your customers searching needs will include all of your information in one place. Customers can choose whether to call, to email, to visit your website or to come in person to your office all at the same time. By giving your customers all of the information they need you are providing them with choice, and that leads to a positive transaction more often than not.

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