Cutie Monsters Jigsaw Puzzles: a Fun Early Learning App

It’s an exciting time to be alive, in an era of unparalleled technological innovation when communication and information are merely a tap on the touchscreen away. What’s even more interesting, however, is that there generations of children growing up surrounded by this technology. Many of them will never have to go to a library and pore through books to find references for research papers. They’ll never know what life was like before mobile phones, text messaging, and voice mail made people available around the clock. And some may have difficulties forming personal relationships because it’s easier to connect with others in a virtual arena. Of course, the social impact of technology remains to be seen, and we may not fully understand it for generations to come. But as a parent, you no doubt want to familiarize your kids with the technologies that they’ll have to interact with throughout their lives, both through education and the workforce. And of course, your best bet is to introduce your children to technology in a beneficial way, say through educational apps designed for early learning. One such application that can help your toddlers to master the numbers 1-10 is Cutie Monsters Jigsaw Puzzles.

Although this app for the iPhone and iPad will set you back $2.99, the thought that went into creating it and the benefits your kids will gain should deliver the value you crave for the price. For starters you’ll note that there are no external links within the application. What this means for young users is that there is no way to accidentally tap a link and wind up on the developer website, order in-app purchases, or get re-directed by sponsored ads. For parents that have tried other apps, this thoughtful feature will no doubt serve as a major benefit. But what will your kids get out of it?

It wasn’t by accident that this application won the Children’s Technology Review award for Excellence in Design for 2013, and you’ll quickly see why. Cutie Monsters not only features the adorable monster graphics touted in the title, but it employs them in a variety of ways to help your kids learn number and counting lessons. Children will certainly enjoy the 40 illustrated pages and 9 full-screen puzzles, complete with interactive tapping, swiping, and attendant sound effects, but each portion of the app was designed with toddlers in mind, taking the needs of early learners into account. As a result, your kids will enjoy a lot more benefits than simply familiarizing themselves with numbers and the process of counting.

For example, kids can tap words to hear them pronounced. Although they may not be able to read yet, they can certainly increase their vocabulary. They’ll also work on listening and observation skills, as well as simple logic when they’re called upon to follow instructions. And working on puzzles that ask them to reassemble the monsters in the app will help them to develop fine motor skills (through tapping and dragging), along with the ability to match shapes and patterns. Each puzzle contains only 3-6 pieces so tiny tots won’t get discouraged. Fun sound effects and background music complete this entertaining and educational experience. You’ve no doubt got plenty of toys for your kids, from simple wooden blocks to theĀ Baby Einstein lineup. And all can help to deliver educational play time. But the Cutie Monsters Jigsaw Puzzles app can help to round out your roster, and for busy parents on the go, it’s easy to take along for the ride.

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