Apps That Help You Manage Your Energy Usage at Home

Nearly everyone is looking for ways to save money around the house these days, and aside from cancelling your cable and eating at home more, you’re probably interested to know that there are plenty of ways to cut your energy bill when you take the course of conservation. Since many homeowners are also enamored of the idea of cutting their carbon footprint, this method of saving money can actually kill two birds with one stone. Unfortunately, you may not have a lot of time to devote to energy-saving efforts. If you’re like most modern adults, a lot of your time is taken up with work, your family, and managing your household in general. So you might not have a lot of extra wiggle room when it comes to implementing conservation practices in and around your home. Luckily, it seems there’s an app for that, or more accurately, several. So if you’re looking for some remote methods of managing your home energy usage, here are a few options you might want to consider.

In truth, some of the apps coming out for this purpose may require you to install specific products in your home that you can sync up with associated apps. For example, you may recognize the name Honeywell, a company that has long been involved in electrical systems for the home, namely thermostats and security systems. But lately they’ve added mobile technology to their roster. They’ve started to create home systems that can be controlled remotely via mobile devices thanks to their Total Connect Remote Services. You can now use your smartphone to control your security system, receiving alerts if your system is tripped, activated, overridden, and so on, or even tapping into cameras in the home to monitor activity. And with the addition of their WiFi Smart Thermostat to your home, you can also control the temperature remotely.

What this means for the homeowner looking to save some energy and cut back on utility bills is that you no longer have to have to waste precious minutes trying to adjust the thermostat or set the alarm before you leave the house in the morning. Just pull up the app once you get to work and with a couple of taps you can control at least two of the electronic systems in your home, saving time, energy, and cash in the process (and protecting your home, to boot). Of course, Honeywell isn’t the only company genius enough to come up with such solutions. ADT offers similar options, and Vivint takes the benefits of mobile technology even a step further.

Their home automation system allows you to remotely control not only your security system and thermostat via smartphone or other mobile devices, but it also provides you with the ability to monitor and control several home systems, potentially including lighting, motion detectors, surveillance cameras, and more. A boiler fromĀ Fahrenheit Inc and an LG AC unit will only do so much for you when it comes to efficiency; from there you’ll need to control your system if you want to cut usage and save money. And a slew of new apps and the products designed to work with them can help you to make the most of your mobile devices by using them to connect to the electronics in your home in order to manage you energy usage.

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