Total Baby: a Total Must-Have for New Parents

As any new parent will attest, there is a steep learning curve associated with caring for an infant. No matter how many books you read about what to expect when you’re expecting, nothing can prepare you for the reality of midnight feedings, sleepless nights, changing diapers, wondering why your baby is crying, and feeling that crushing sensation in your chest every time your baby takes a tumble or bonks his head (although you probably won’t have to worry too much about that until he starts crawling, climbing, and eventually walking). The point is that the first year, or even the first couple of years, can be pretty hard on a new parent. But when you start to realize that your newborn basically functions on a schedule, you’ll find that tracking can help you to get a handle on your baby’s needs and make the entire experience of parenting a bit more manageable. And there’s one great app designed to make the process a little easier. With Total Baby you can quickly learn your infant’s idiosyncrasies.

With a user rating on iTunes of 5 stars and plenty of reviews to peruse from satisfied parents, you’ll want to download this app to your iPhone or iPad post haste, despite the $5 price tag attached. And you’ll soon see why everyone loves it. First and foremost, the application comes with 14 separate functions designed to track activities like feedings, doctor visits, bowel movements, growth, and more, as well as time any of several events like feeding and sleeping so that you can try to plan some kind of schedule for yourself and your newborn. And there are myriad options to choose from, as well. If you’re pumping or using formula in addition to breastfeeding, you can note which type of feeding your baby has and then see how it correlates with sleep, bowel movements, fussiness, and more, perhaps providing you with information about which type of feeding is best for your baby. You can also set multiples timers at once in case you have twins.

In addition there are all kinds of options for entries that can give you snapshots of your infant’s life, including actual snapshots. You can create diary entries for your own benefit or to save and show your child one day, complete with photos. You can start and continue growth charts for size, weight, percentiles, and so on. You can fill in vaccines and other pertinent information from doctor visits, and even enter future visits so that you always know when your infant is due for a check-up. And there are all kinds of intuitive features that new parents will appreciate, like the Night Mode that automatically dims your monitor so as not to disturb a sleepy baby, or the conversion function that can turn centimeters into inches and milliliters into ounces, just for example.

But the most useful feature may be the ability to look back at everything you’ve tracked so far in order to find patterns. When you see a chart that shows you times for feedings, naps, and more you can analyze the data in order to help you figure out how best to set a schedule that works for your baby while still meeting your own needs (helping you to get some much-needed rest, for a start). Eventually you’ll adjust and your life will stabilize. And before you know it your child will be walking, talking, and escaping theĀ playard. Until then, Total Baby can help you to manage your time and your baby. And afterwards it can provide you with a handy reference (for immunizations and such), as well as way to look back and remember how it all began.

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