The Disney Planes: Storybook Deluxe App

With so many kids these days glued to monitors large and small as they surf the web, play video games, and text until their thumbs cramp up, parents are becoming desperate to find ways to get their progeny interested in academic pursuits like reading. And while e-books may make the prospect easier, or at least more mobile, the truth is that children are being brought up in a world where digital technology has put information at their fingertips and created interactive experiences that books can’t hope to live up to in terms of entertainment value. Or can they? It seems that at least one company is interested in finding ways to pair the experience of reading with the interactive atmosphere that kids have grown to expect. So if you’re looking for a mobile application that can get your kids on board with reading, you might want to check out Disney’s ‘Planes: Storybook Deluxe’ app, currently available for the iPhone and iPad.

You can find this app on the iTunes store for a price of $6.99. Now, this may seem a little steep, but when you consider how much you might pay for the average children’s storybook, the price is fairly reasonable. And considering what you’ll get for your money, it’s well worth the cost of download. So what will this app offer your kids? As you may have guessed from the title, this app is a virtual book that follows the storyline of the animated movie ‘Planes’ (in theaters August 9). Kids will follow main character Dusty Crophopper on his journey to leave his crop dusting days behind and become an aerial racer, overcoming his humble beginnings and his fear of heights along the way.

But there’s a lot more to this application than a simple e-book. Kids will get to immerse themselves in the story thanks to an interactive experience that really is something new and special. As kids go through the story, a narrator will read the text and they can either follow along or turn their attention to the graphics. And as the story progresses, kids can tap the screen to activate animations, automatically enhancing the reading experience. But it gets even better than that. In addition to featuring 41 separate story screens complete with animation, the app also offers clips from the movie, as well as interactive gameplay. Thanks to the tilt-and-play technology, kids can not only watch Dusty race, they can actually participate by racing their favorite planes from the film.

Kids growing up in today’s world of technological innovation quickly become accustomed to being entertained. As a result you may have a difficult time getting them interested in something as seemingly dull and lifeless as printed pages. But with an app like Planes: Storybook Deluxe you can provide them with an interactive reading experience that grabs their attention and keeps them invested until the end of the story. And they’ll want to relive it over and over again. Sure, you could spring for $50 toys that they’ll play with once and toss in the toy box. But this interactive app is bound to make a ton of lists for theĀ top ten toys of 2013 thanks to its ability to get kids interested in the prospect of reading. So you might want to think about downloading it as a way to bridge the gap between the printed word and modern mobile technology.

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