World’s Biggest Twits

Unique Twitter Worlds Biggest TwitsMaybe I’m being slight facetious with my post heading because I am actually referring to those who grace Twitter with their poetic 140 character tweets while making the day of every one of their legions of fans around the world.

I was curious to see who had the most followers but more importantly, how their interaction with their fan base was and if indeed, they ever reciprocated the following.

I should predicate my next statement by stating that although I am on twitter my interests tend to have a wide range so although I follow some celebrities, I’m more interested in the news, sports, predominantly the horse racing and the Grand National, as well as funny authors or comedians so my feed is relatively limited to those topics.

Having said that, it now appears that I am the only twitter user on the planet who does not follow Justin Bieber. With over 41 million followers, nearly 35K of which were added just yesterday, he is the number one person in Twitter’s Top 10 statistics according to twitter Counter.

Giving him credit though, he also follows over 122K others, though I imagine that actually reading them all would require more hours than there are in a day so it’s more likely that he browses occasionally rather than being glued to his phone all day. Though the fact that he has notched up nearly 23K tweets may negate that last assumption.

Second to Mr Bieber on twitter is Ms Katy Perry. And there is a fundamental difference between the two which is that although she is quickly catching up with him in terms of followers, she herself only follows 121 people and tweets on average only once a day compared to Justin who sends out an average of 14 per 10 tweets Worlds Biggest Twits

Though she does tend to send out the odds nonsensical personal message, her time line is crammed with self promoting tweets which vary from buying a magazine she’s currently on the cover of, to watching a new you tube video etc…It is, unlike Beiber, a very one-way street with the fans.

Lady Gaga is third with over 39 million fans though recently she has appeared to have shut down her feed, or at least stopped actively using it with the account now stating: “This interface has been shutdown temporarily. Please check back for updates.” The last time she posted was back on February 5th but despite the obvious cold shoulder, nearly 17K new followers emerged just yesterday alone.

Of the Top 10 only three are not pop icons and they are Barack Obama, You Tube and Instagram. And though most supposedly write their own tweets, Obama is the only one who’s accounts state that some of the messages are posted by Organizing For Action with those tweets specifically from the President ending with a different signature. Incidentally, he is also the one following the most people at over 660K and other than Beiber has also sent out the most tweets.

According to Twitter Counter, Justin Timberlake comes in at tenth spot and although his fans sign up in their thousands every day, Mr. Timberlake has only seen fit to follow 49 people.

So there you have it, adore him or admonish him, Justin Bieber is top of the list and at least he he interacts with his fans though how many times you can keep saying ‘I love you all’ and ‘You’re all beautiful’ is another matter entirely though I expect the legions of hysterical girls who worship the ground he walks on probably don’t care!

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Writing for one of the UK’s most popular horseracing website has kept Simone Eddison busy for the past eight years, when she is not writing about National Hunt racing she can be found on the gallops watching the progress of her own racehorse. Connect with her Simone on Facebook.

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