5 Tips to Instantly Improve Your PPC Campaign

You might be under the misimpression that pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns are terribly outdated, little more than dinosaurs in the rapidly-changing online landscape. And while they’ve certainly been around for a while, don’t discount the advantages that may still be garnered through this type of advertising campaign. For one thing, you can be fairly certain that any click-thru you get from such ads is targeted since consumers have to go out of their way and take direct action in order to click your ads. Of course, there may be some amount of accidental clicking, but more likely than not, people will click your ads because they saw something that interested them and they want to find out more. In addition, you only have to pay for each click you get, meaning you’re not paying a blanket fee without guaranteed or quantifiable results. That said, there are probably a few steps you could take to ensure that your advertising efforts get the results you crave. Here are some tips to help you improve your PPC campaign instantly.

  1. Set clear goals. You wouldn’t start work on a project for a client without first asking some very specific questions about their parameters and what they hope to accomplish. So why wouldn’t you focus the same efforts on yourself when planning a PPC campaign? You need to be very clear about what you want to get out of the experience and how you plan to meet your goals. This is the only way to start your campaign if you want to realize success.
  2. Pay attention to keywords. There are a couple of things to keep in mind when it comes to keywords. The first is that you should never rely on a single group of keywords to carry your campaign. You need to develop multiple ad groups and then determine which host sites they’ll go to as a way to ensure that they cater to a variety of demographics (since you’re probably targeting more than one). Further, you’re going to need to continue to monitor trending keywords so that you can change your ads up at a moment’s notice to take advantage of what’s hot (albeit related to your advertising strategy). And don’t forget about negative keywords that will help to stop the wrong type of traffic from coming to your website erroneously.
  3. Consider your hosting strategy. In order to garner the best results, it’s a good idea to diversify. This not only pertains to your use of ad groups, but also your hosting strategy. Rather than simply targeting host sites that are a perfect match for what you offer, consider seeking out adjacent industries to pepper with ads, as well. This could bring in a whole new crowd and help to increase your brand recognition and your online presence.
  4. Get creative with content. These days you really have to take the time to consider what you’re conveying to your intended audience and the value you offer through every bit of content, your advertising efforts included. It’s not necessarily about showing off your products or logo; you need to offer the solution to whatever problem potential customers are trying to fix. This is what will get you the click-thru you crave. So get creative with your PPC strategy and put together ads that will speak to your customers instead of talking at them.
  5. Track and analyze. PPC management is about more than simply placing ads; you also need to find out what they’re doing for you. With many options for software that will help you to track and analyze the results of your efforts, there’s no reason you can’t figure out which strategies are working the best and how to make the most of them.

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