Why Your Office Needs Call Logging

call logging system customer service Why Your Office Needs Call LoggingAlmost every office can benefit from the convenience and efficiency of call logging and recording. Call logging is when inbound and outbound calls are recorded on an internal system and archived so that they can be accessed at a later date and all communication can be recorded so that you can keep track of what has been discussed with individual customers and organise conversations sensibly.

However, this isn’t the only important aspect of call logging. It also helps the management team oversee how productive each member of staff is, and can see how many calls are being made, who they are being made to and how long these calls are. Lots of short calls can indicate that they are not holding the customer’s attention effectively, and may require more training. This is especially useful in telesales roles or those that involve contacting customers directly over the phone.

It is also a useful way to track inbound calls. If you are running a marketing campaign and have been seeking to increase the number of calls you receive requesting information, this is a good way to measure the increase in calls. This is an excellent way to find out how successful your marketing campaigns are, and you can look into tweaking the way your campaigns work. You can also use this logging to find out where your calls are coming from, which can also be a useful way to analyse the success of your campaign.

 Why Your Office Needs Call LoggingSome companies who share office space might like to use call logging as a way to monitor who is using the phone, which can be a useful way to decide how to split the phone bill. For example, if one team is on the phone a lot and the other tends to operate using email, it would be unfair to expect one company to subsidise the phone bill of the other, so it is a fair way to allow each company to pay for its own share.

Keeping a record of all correspondence is good business practise. You wouldn’t delete emails from customers, so you should treat your phone conversations in the same way. Whether it’s simply keeping a record of the fact that you’ve spoken or recording entire conversations for future reference, it helps you improve your customer service if you can refer back to previous correspondence rather than asking for the same information time and time again which can be very irritating for the customer.

About the author:

Trevor Arnold is a business communications technology consultant who advises organisations on the most effective use of telecoms equipment and services.

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