Cramberry Takes Flashcards to the Next Level

Pretty much every student is familiar with the concept of flashcards, having utilized their fair share of 3×5 cardstock peppered with bullet points as a study aid. And most students abhor the idea of wasting their time, laboriously writing out flashcards before they can even start studying, when they could be doing something (anything) else. But the majority of kids have accepted these little inconveniences as par for the course when it comes to memorizing the information that will help them to pass their exams, and thus, their classes. Of course, in this digital era, it should come as no surprise that there is an easy alternative, and one that is mobile, to boot. With the Cramberry application for the iPhone and iPad, students no longer need to cramp their hands and lose hours to penning flash cards. They can simply create them digitally or even skip the heavy lifting altogether thanks to an online community that’s designed for sharing.

You can start using this freebie as soon as you download it by manually creating your own sets of cards to study. Although you’ll still have to make each card, you’ll no doubt find that typing them is a lot faster than writing them out by hand. And there are no limits on the number of sets you can make or the number of cards per set (unlike some apps that require you to purchase additional “cards”). So whether you need to study your French vocabulary, memorize the high points of the Civil War, or get your algebraic equations straight, you can keep flashcards for every subject and study them at school, at home, or on the go.

As soon as you’ve got a set completed you can start your studying, and the app can be fairly helpful on this score, as well. As you flip through your cards, entering answers, the app will mark the cards that are correct and incorrect. When you’ve completed your initial study session, the tracking algorithms will automatically set aside the cards you know and supply you with the ones you missed for another pass, helping you to study more efficiently. Certainly you can do this on paper, as well, but why would you when there’s an app that can do it for you?

Of course, it gets even better when you opt to connect with the online community. Thanks to tons of students like yourself that are willing to share, there are already more than a million flashcards available online for you to peruse and use in the course of your own studies. And they’re all ready to download for free when you use this handy study tool. Whether you happen to be studying for a bio test, preparing for the SATs, or working towards anĀ online criminal justice degree, Cramberry can give you the simple, easy-to-use features that will help you to pass your tests, and often with very little work on your part. But you can also contribute to the educational community by posting your own virtual flashcards for other to utilize. So before you waste your time and money on yet another pack of 3×5 cards, consider what this free alternative has to offer.

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