Every Student Can Find a Use for Numbers

Students entering college these days have a lot more help when it comes to technological tools than did their parents’ or grandparents’ generation. Some think this is a detriment, especially in the arena of English language comprehension; many students that have grown up on the abbreviations of online chats and texting are now struggling to master English at the college level. And yet, technology has also made life easier for modern students in so many ways, by giving them new and interesting methods of approaching and accomplishing academic tasks. There are web-based programs and mobile software alike designed to help students of all ages take notes, track a schedule, and even complete assignments for their various courses. And one app that every student will find handy in this day and age is Numbers, a spreadsheet program for the iPhone and iPad that makes graphing numeric data a cinch, in class or on the go.

The only real drawback for the average user is the price tag for this app, which clocks in at a whopping $9.99. But for the functionality you get it’s well worth the price tag, and considering how much comparable programs like Excel might cost you, it’s kind of a steal. That said, there’s a lot for students to love in this easy but comprehensive mobile application. You’ll probably want to start by taking the tutorial. Although those familiar with Excel will likely have some notion of where to get started with the app, understanding the particulars of Numbers will only help you to begin your projects faster. And there are plenty of features to make your input quick and easy.

For one thing, students will no doubt enjoy the 16 templates included with the application. Although they’re not really designed for use with specific classes, they can definitely help students with different areas of their daily lives. The budget planner will come in handy for any students that have trouble tracking their monthly income and expenditures, and the running log can help athletes to stay on schedule with their jogging (or other exercise) routines. But even aside from pre-set templates made for those just getting started, there are 250 functions included that can help users to create the formulas they need. And once the data entry is done (including text, numbers, formulas, dates, durations, and so on) you can see your facts in a spreadsheet or in graphic formats like charts and graphs.

This is not only useful in the everyday life of a student, but it can also be a great tool for in-class use, especially for courses that are steeped in data. Whether students are going for a program in advanced math or science, they’re getting a health information management degree online, or they’re looking at the prospect of becoming a CPA, this program can prove invaluable. And really any class assignment that requires graphs and charts can benefit from the functionality provided by Numbers. Plus, export options for email, Dropbox, and AirPrint, not to mention formatting for Numbers, Excel, or PDF, make it easy for students to save and share work. In short, Numbers is a great program for any student that could find use for a spreadsheet tool, which is virtually every student.

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