How to Rebrand Without Losing or Destroying Your Existing Identity

rebrand business How to Rebrand Without Losing or Destroying Your Existing IdentityFrom the first second you operate your own business, you are building a brand. In fact, every visible thing you do with your company goes towards creating your brand. It takes a lot of time to build a solid and positive brand up, which is why a lot of companies avoid rebranding altogether. Of course, there are plenty of companies out there who will benefit from a rebranding in the fullness of time, but it is a slow approach which means it’s incredibly important to do it right. It’s never a good idea to lose your old identity though, so you have to work hard to change, without changing too much!

The Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth

You have to work at getting to the core of your business, and this means honesty, even if you have to offend people to a certain degree. You start from scratch and tear things down from the base up. Start off with colours, try to understand how they relate to your company, and how they represent you. Is the type face right? Are you too edgy for your conservative business, or do you need something a bit more racy to reflect your position at the cutting edge of your modern business? Don’t think that you can limit the changes you make to things that are immediately visible though – you need to look at everything from your company policy to the tone of your on page content, through to the approach you take with the social media side of your business.changes How to Rebrand Without Losing or Destroying Your Existing Identity

Keep the Changes to Yourself

At least at first anyway. There’s nothing worse than rolling out changes gradually. It’s far better to hit the web with all guns blazing, than to change a little at a time, which just looks like maintenance. So you need a new logo, slogan, social media strategy, along with new content for your site, and all of this has to hit the web freshly at the same time.

Let Everyone Know!

There’s not much point rebranding if no one knows about it! Try to make a song and dance about what you’ve changed. It helps your existing customers to understand that you’re still the same firm, with a few improvements, and it also gives you an opportunity to get yourself out there and show yourself off to any potential new clients.

Damage Limitation

There are bound to be existing clients who don’t like the changes you have made, so you need to be ready to help them to understand why you’ve made the changes. Always put a positive spin on your actions, and try to show existing clients that the changes you have made are going to help you to be able to provide them with a better service than ever before. People don’t like change, but they do like good news, so approach your existing customers in this positive manner.

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