How to get every ounce out of WordPress

WordPress is by far the most popular blogging website platform available today. It is an excellent system for handling search engine optimization (SEO). With a little bit of learning, it is a simple system to maintain. There are numerous coders out there who can help you. And there are a slew of templates, both free and paid, that make it easy to customize. As great as WordPress can be, every webmaster wants to know that they aregetting the most to show for their efforts. Let’s look at the ways you can get every ounce out of your WordPress installation.wordpress seo plugins How to get every ounce out of WordPress

SEO plugins

WordPress is great for SEO. But, it can be even better, with the help of a couple of the best SEO plugins. The most popular SEO plugin forWordPress is the All-in-One SEO Pack. It gives you the ability to customize the META tag descriptions for every individual page on your site. The Google Sitemaps XML plugin is also handy. Google loves a site that utilizes a quality sitemap structure. SEO Plugs is a plugin to clean up your permalink URLs. This improves SEO by shortening URLs and economizing your use of SEO terms.

Content management

WordPress is a great system for blogging. But, did you know it can also be used as a content management system (CMS) for sites that only need a handful of pages? In the admin, find the “Settings” link. Then click on the “Reading” link. You will now be offered the option to change the front page from a list of the most recent blog items to a specific single page.

Once you have done this, you can simply operate the site as a regular CMS site. Use the Pages rather than Posts to edit the content on your site’s pages. Edit as needed in the future. That’s it. It is simpler than other CMS admins. And it comes with many more plugin options.wordpress email notification How to get every ounce out of WordPress


Keeping your email notifications working with WordPress can be troublesome. If you’re using your WordPress site for lead generation, this can cost you serious money. If your host gets blacklisted, it can become nearly impossible to deliver emails from forms in WordPress. Here is an excellent guide to sorting out this WordPress email headache.


It’s never bad to know more about who is coming to your website and how they got there. The best analytics package out there is Google Analytics. But, Google Analytics is not explicitly designed for WordPress. To leverage the benefits of Google Analytics on your WordPress website, you’ll need a plugin. The most comprehensive package available is Joost’s Google Analytics for WordPress. The best feature in the Joost plugin is the ability to track unique codes. That’s especially handy for folks using landing pages and campaign tracking software.

About the author:

This has been a guest post from Sally, an intermediate WP user. Sally got started using Joomla!, but is much happier withWordPress at the moment.

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