Tips to Help You Make Your Mobile Phone Last for Years to Come

mobile phone tips Tips to Help You Make Your Mobile Phone Last for Years to ComeMobile phones, especially smartphones, aren’t cheap devices by any means. People who invest in these devices end up using them every day for a wide variety of purposes, including keeping in touch with friends and family, surfing the internet, doing business, and even playing games and watching videos as well as taking photographs of special events.

But smartphones can only last so long before they become obsolete, slow, and worn out. And many times, people need to reinvest in a smartphone every two years or so. This can really become a financial strain, especially for those on tight budgets who can’t afford these expensive devices. Therefore, we’ve compiled a short list of tips that can help you actually extend the life of your smartphone. Read on to learn more and save the most money in the long run.

Keep Your Phone Going with a New Battery

If you notice that your phone isn’t holding a charge like it used to, it simply means that the battery is getting weaker over time. Instead of rushing out to purchase a brand new mobile phone, however, which can be quite expensive, a more affordable idea is to purchase a replacement battery. You can do this with any Android phone and even the iPhone. Many times, you can replace the batteries yourself, but certainly ask a professional for help if you’re unsure of how to do so properly.

Open Up Storage on Your Device

The more apps you download, photos and videos you take, and data you store on your mobile phone, the less memory it will have left. These phones come with fixed internal storage units that, over time, will become too full to handle the daily activities of your apps, including updates. You may begin getting notifications that your phone is low on storage so certain apps can’t be updated as planned.

There are a couple of things you can do. If your phone has expandable storage options, as in the case of a removable SD card, purchase a larger one and replace it to open up more storage. Otherwise, look through your phone for any apps that you no longer need. Delete them to free up space. Then, take all of the photos and videos that you’ve taken over the last year or so and back them up onto your computer so that you can delete them off of your phone. You’ll be surprised by how much memory they were taking up.

Keep it Safe from Harm

Always be careful when handling your mobile phone so that you don’t accidentally drop it or damage it in any way. If you can keep your phone in the best shape possible on the outside, you can also keep it running well from the inside.

No Matter What, Get Some Insurance

If your phone gets old before its time or doesn’t function properly anymore as a result of some form of damage it incurred, having a plan in place, like a Protect Your Bubble phone insurance plan, can ensure that your investment will be covered and that you’ll be able to upgrade more easily.

About the author:

Laura Ginn is a tech blogger who uses her smartphone for everything from keeping in touch with friends to maintaining relationships with business contacts. Because she does not want to always be running out to buy a new smartphone every year, she takes care of it to ensure it lasts.

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