Garage Buddy a Must for Amateur Mechanics

Most of us would never dream of rooting around under the hood of our cars in order to find the source of a squeak or figure out why the gas seems to be running so rich. In fact, most of us don’t feel particularly well-equipped to check our oil levels or refill the windshield wiper fluid, much less pull off and replace a fan belt or even change spark plugs. The sad fact is that very few people understand what happens when they turn the key in the car’s ignition. And for the most part, they don’t need to. With the mass of the technology in our daily lives, we can’t hope to understand it all, and many people would rather pay a mechanic to take care of their coach for them. But if you happen to be the type that doesn’t mind a little motor oil, and you tend to be mechanically-minded anyway, then perhaps you’re on the lookout for a comprehensive tool that helps you to tear your car apart and put it back together. The Garage Buddy app can help you on this score.

While the application is not designed as a how-to guide, per se, and it’s certainly not a manual for your automobile, it does have some handy tools for the average, at-home, amateur mechanic that basically knows his/her way around an engine but needs a little help or a reference now and then. In fact, the primary functionality of this app entails conversions, charts, and all the info that you might have to run to your computer or a guidebook to look up in the middle of a messy job. And while this data is available for free if you go searching online, Garage Buddy provides it all in one place, on your mobile device, so that you never again have to abandon your half-dismantled engine to track down the information you need. Most would say that’s well worth the one dollar asking price.

And using the app is just as easy as firing it up. You’ll get a list of the many calculators and converters the app has to offer right off the bat. If you want to calculate tire size, gearing, or carb flow, the app will do the heavy lifting (so to speak) for you. There are also numerous charts for reference. And the app offers conversions between standard and metric (a big help if you have both kinds of tools), as well as conversions for distance, pressure, speed, torque, volume, and weight. The HP calculator is also neat, especially for people who travel to higher elevations (it tells you how much horsepower you lose as you gain altitude).

Finally, there’s a notes section so that you never again get to the store and wonder what parts number or oil weight you need. And you can track data that you want to follow, like the gap on your spark plugs, in order to watch for wear and tear. There’s even a ruler function! In short, Garage Buddy could just become your best friend if you tinker with cars. Of course, messing around in your engine could void the manufacturer warranty or even affect your car insurance if you’re not careful. But for those that love to spend the weekend wrenching on an old beater, this handy app is just what the car doctor ordered.

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