The New Cuddly Toy and App Combo

Do you remember the days when having a phone was so simple? It would connect to a jack in a part of your house, when it rang you would answer it and before call waiting, you didn’t even get interrupted by someone else who was trying to get through.

Or do you recall what life was like when the answering machine, car phone and basic cell phone were invented? Thanks to those devices, we could receive messages or even phone calls while we were away from home. It was pretty awesome.

Yet, to date, nothing has really been able to compare to the technological advances of a smartphone. That’s because these days, our cell phones are literally like miniature computers. Sure, we can receive calls with them, but we also are able to watch movies and videos, connect with our family members and friends on our social media accounts. Also, let’s not forget that we can also download apps, all day (and night) long to our hearts’ content.

And although there are new apps that seem to literally come out on an almost weekly basis, thanks to a new one created by a group of graduate students in Japan, most of us can probably safely say that they just invented an app that we would have never expected to see on the market.

What these individuals have done is created a serious of stuffed toys that you can actually put your smartphones in. That’s right. Once you download the app and put the phone side of the cuddly toy that comes with it, by simply hugging or squeezing the little dog or elephant (just to name a couple of the options to choose from), your phone will either respond to your touch with talking or flashing lights.

How it works is that when you activate the app and then place it inside of the toy, the LED light and camera features within your phone turn on. Thanks to the camera, it can gauge just how much the light bounces around inside of the toy. This is what ultimately causes the app to react.

Now unless you’re someone who naturally has a deep affinity for stuffed animals in your adult life, it might be hard to comprehend why this is such a great invention (and worth the amount of money that it would take to buy it). But look at it from other perspective. If you are a parent with a young child and you find yourself strolling through local toy stores or going online looking for the next best thing on websites such asĀ, this could be a great purchase for them. By buying one of these “toy apps”, you could prerecord messages that, when your child hugs the toy, they would play back to them. For instance, it could prove to be a great comfort for your little one if you had to go away on business for a couple of days.

Then again, it could simply be something that takes you back to the days of when you were young—when phones stayed home and stuffed animals did too. Yep. If deep down, you were always wishing for something that would let you take your phone and favorite stuffed animal with you, it would appear that your dreams have just come true.

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