8 Steps for Google AdWords Checklist: Campaign Setup

Google AdWords Checklist 8 Steps for Google AdWords Checklist: Campaign SetupGoogle AdWords is a great way to be on top of the game. However, we will need several steps to make perfect campaign on that. If you want to make powerful result, the following steps or checklist will help you out.

#1. Match Type of Keyword

There are four types of it; Broad, Modified Broad, Phrase, and Exact. You can basically start with anything like preferably phrase, but nothing on broad. This defines how you can drive traffic to you.

google adwords negative keyword tool 8 Steps for Google AdWords Checklist: Campaign Setup#2. Negative Keyword?

Check if your keyword is on negative form. It will make difficult keyword on Broad and Phrase. People will need to push ‘Related Search’ button to get it. Positive form is always preferable. Change it if you need to.

#3. Initial Bid on CPC

Use the Keyword Tool by Google. Your initial bid should be close to the estimation. It makes your ad on top position and good exposure, and gets more CTR. You can low bid it later.

google adwords keyword budget 8 Steps for Google AdWords Checklist: Campaign Setup#4. Keyword Budget

After experiences, it is suggested to test a keyword at least for ten days at first. You ad needs time to come up. Calculate how many keywords and period you want for test. It defines your expense.

#5. The Ads and the Rotation

In common cases, three sentences ad is effective. And as for the rotation, you should prefer to “Shows ads more evenly” than others alternatives for more monitoring and control on best result.

#6. Locate the Locations

If your ads are intended for local audience, make it geographically reach them. As for international ads, one campaign should be enough for one country target. Maximize on this to drive traffic on you.

#7. Work on Networks

Test it first. You can uncheck the Display Network and let Search on. By default, Google direct you to Display Network. If it is proven effective, make one campaign especially for the Display Network. It makes an effective campaign later on.

#8. Devices Consideration

You should focus on PC, laptop, and tablets for full browsers. However, you can enhance the website so mobile devices like smart phones can access as well. Optimized on PC and laptop or tablets first is always wise step.

You may also want to enhance it with conversion tracking in which you can check if your keywords are effective. Now, you are ready with the steps and checklist, and it’s your turn to make powerful campaign. Good luck.

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