Swirl App Changes Your In-Store Shopping Experience

There are some people who like to go shopping. And by that we mean that there are individuals who thoroughly embrace the entire shopping experience from browsing different malls and boutiques, to taking their time to walk through various shops as they try on all kinds of items until they find that perfect outfit.

Then there’s the rest of us. The ones who actually procrastinate when it comes to getting a new business suit or that much needed dress for an upcoming wedding all because the thought of spending a couple of hours going in and out of stores seems unappealing, at best.

For the people who are in the “B” category, we’ve got some great news for you. Thanks to an app known simply as “Swirl”, now you can find yourself having as much fun (relatively speaking) as everyone else. That’s because Swirl is an app that is created specifically for people who want to go into a store and immediately receive the best recommendations and deals without having to spend a lot of time inside or having experience some the pressure that oftentimes comes from customer service agents.

Are you curious about how it works? Well, basically what happens is participating retailers will install a Bluetooth sensor inside of their stores. Then when a customer walks in and the Bluetooth device notices that they have a Swirl app on their phone, relevant information as it relates to the products that are offered inside of the store will immediately be sent to the customer as they shop.

The cool thing about this particular kind of app is that it’s one that can prove to be beneficial for both the retailer as well as the prospective shopper. For the retailer, not only is it an easy way to attract more people to their brand but because a lot of the content that is offered to the customer is considered to be “exclusive”, it also causes the customer to feel like they are getting in on some of best information about the store. When it comes to the shopper, because the pictures and product details on the app are so well formatted, they can put together outfits in no time without having to go through each clothing rack. So for instance, if they are looking for someĀ black and white dresses, Swirl can alert them to where they are in the store, if they are on sale and some possible accessories that may go well with them.

Due to the fact that Swirl is a fairly new app, currently, it is only being used in a few select stores in Boston and New York. But, with the amount of media buzz that it’s already receiving, there’s a pretty good chance that it will be coming to a store near you very shortly. After all, who doesn’t like the idea of going into a store and having it tell you about what their best items at the best price are?

Swirl, without a doubt, is onto something good. For those who like to shop and more importantly for those who don’t. For more information, visit Swirl.com.

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