Samsung Smart Air Conditioners Let You Control Your Thermostat From You IPhone

In today’s economy, households all across America continue to look for ways to cut expenses without making life that much more difficult. It’s a tough balance, but the deep recession that has rocked the country for these past several years has left millions of Americans out of work for extended periods of time, depleting savings and emergency accounts and causing all sorts of devastating situations. Things have started to turn around, but with the regular costs of living continuing to rise the need to tighten pursestrings remains in place. One of the largest expenses in most budgets is home energy usage. Any conceivable way to avoid waste must be pursued, and thanks to an incredible new technology devised by Samsung, you can now use your smartphone to control your home’s heating and air conditioning.

The service is called Smart Air Conditioning, and it’s basically the next step in home automation. You’ve probably seen all sorts of examples of technology being integrated into a house to make it run smoother and more efficiently. The latest sneak peek was given by “The X Factor” music producer Savan Kotecha. He recently showed off his smart house in an online profile, demonstrating the automated cameras and security systems and blinds that raise and lower electronically among several other unique applications, all controlled through a standard iPad. Samsung’s Smart Air Conditioning will soon join the ranks of these widely used digital integrations.

Basically, all you need is a mobile device. Samsung could have limited this service to their specific hardware, but chose to make the service available on any internet-connected device running the Android or iOS software set. You simply download the app to control the system, and you can adjust the climate inside your home with a few simple button pushes. No longer will you have to get out of bed on one of those sweltering nights to stumble downstairs and mess with the thermostat. But this service is about far more than laziness. Although it will make your life more convenient at home, it’s what happens when you’re not at home that makes this a must for all smartphone users this summer.

Have you ever rushed out the door for work in the morning, only to realize after your second cup of coffee that you forgot to turn the air conditioner on? Unless you invested in one of those high end programmable thermostats and remembered to set it, you were out of luck. You’d come home to either an ice cold house and a massive utility bill, or a sweltering hot box where you could literally see the wallpaper peeling off the kitchen wall. With Samsung’s Smart Air Conditioning, you’ll simply fire up the app and handle it. But it’s not all about these emergency situations. Before you leave the office at the end of the day you can swipe away at the app and turn the air conditioner on, guaranteeing your home is that comfortable safe haven you crave when you leave that long commute and frustrating day behind. If you’ve ever attempted to¬†learn how a thermostat can save you money, you know the power of this sort of application. And thanks to Samsung, it’s now inexpensive and accessible. That’s a bit of fantastic news for struggling families looking to stay cool and save some cash this summer.

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