The TweetPee App Alerts Parents That Baby Needs a Diaper Change

Smart phones have a near endless array of potential uses and applications. There is typically an app to handle any task or question that you can think of, and Huggies has just introduced one more. In an effort to bring parents into the age of technology and ensure that smart phones can do absolutely everything, Huggies has develop TweetPee–the app that Tweets to alert you when your baby needs to be changed.

Naturally, most babies in the world today have neither the motor skills nor the mental acuity to send their parents a diaper change tweet; this is where the new technology comes into play. Huggies TweetPee includes a small electronic device that attaches to the baby’s diaper. This little gadget monitors the diaper area for sudden changes in humidity, and sends out alerts to parents when a change is detected. Technology truly has come a long way in recent years. Not long ago, the baby monitor was considered cutting edge parenting technology. Now, parents can connect to their babies’ diapers wirelessly to keep track of diaper changes.

Alerts can be sent to parents either through text messages or social networking apps, depending on the parents’ preferences. Of course, this new Huggies app is more than just a pee alarm. It allows parents to access several other options that they may find useful. Parents can keep track of every diaper change if they wish, and control who receives notifications. If the child is under the care of a babysitter or nanny, for example, that person could be included in the TweetPee circle to make the most of the app’s potential. TweetPee also includes a diaper ordering function that alerts parents where their current stock is low and allows them to order fresh supplies.

The technology behind TweetPee comes in the form of a small electronic bird, described as ergonomic and perfectly safe by Huggies. By checking humidity levels, most likely at preset intervals, the little bird tells parents when their babies are in need of a change. However, it is not yet clear whether the app could detect a change immediately, or whether the detection settings can be adjusted. Some parents may not be pleased with an app that sends changing notifications out constantly for every little drop.

As of now, the app and its corresponding device are not available worldwide. Huggies is conducting market research on the product in Brazil, collecting customer feedback and attempting to determine the potential demand for such a product. TweetPee will likely see some changes before it is released for sale to the public at large. Bumps in the road are common with any new technology such as this, and Huggies will be doing its best to iron out every wrinkle before attempting to launch the product.

Parenting has changed significantly in a short period of time. More parents than ever before are becoming California Cryobank customers, showing that the needs of parents are evolving in a fast-paced world. Whether an app like TweetPee will catch on with parents remains to be seen, but it should certainly be useful to many parents.

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