Yard Sale App Makes Mapping a Snap

There’s no denying that spending your weekend attending local yard sales can be a fun and fruitful activity. This is especially true if you’re not looking for anything in particular. For those seeking some new furniture or fixtures for the home, or some specific item that they collect, it’s a toss-up whether they’ll head home with a truly spectacular steal or end up empty-handed. But those that merely browse are almost certain to find some treasure amongst the trash. Still, going to yard, garage, or estate sales can be a frustrating process. First you have to sift through ads, either online or via old-school paper publications. Then, when you find some sales that seem worth attending, you have to enter them one by one into Google maps to find directions.

Even if you use your smartphone or tablet for this task you could end up needing several programs to get the job done. In short, it’s a terribly inefficient system for operations. Luckily, you’re not alone in this particular frustration, and someone out there has seen fit to create an application that makes life easier for college students trying to furnish their first apartment and addicts who hit up nearby yard sales weekly. With Yard Sale Mapper you never again have to waste your time and gas in the pursuit of cheap, used goods.

You’ll be happy to hear that this app is free to download for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, and it’s easy to use, as well. You’ll probably want to start by entering your own address, but you could also put in a zip code that you’d like to search in (hey, a more expensive area of town could turn up some pretty ritzy garage sales). Then you add criteria like the day you want to attend sales, as well as the distance you’re willing to travel, and viola – instant listings. But where do they come from? Thanks to collaboration with Craigslist, the app is able to peruse all of the yard and estate sales listed therein in order to populate a list that matches your criteria. So you can see all the ads that might be of value in your search.

Of course, you can also see a map view with pins laid out to show you where sales are in your specified region. And using either feature you can create a route consisting of up to seven locations, after which the app will give you directions from one to the next by the most efficient route. As a nice bonus, the integration with Google maps allows users to see at the street level, making it easy to find the houses you’re searching for. And of course, when you host your own sale you can add it to theĀ yard sale search list by simply creating an ad on Craigslist. When someone searches your area the app will find your listing. So whether you’re searching for that one comic book or stamp to complete your collection or you simply need some lamps for your lightless living room, Yard Sale Mapper can help you get from point A to point B to point M, if you want, and save you some time and money along the way.

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