Egg Baby: Getting Kids Comfortable With Technology

It’s no secret that kids today are growing up in a world where they are absolutely inundated by technology. In fact, there is a whole generation of college-age students that don’t know what it was like to live without computers and cell phones. And the business leaders of tomorrow are going to have to be well-versed in technology if they want any chance of competing. For this reason it’s imperative for parents to ensure that their kids receive the right kind of education where hardware, software, the internet, and mobile networks are concerned. And this could mean starting them off with simple, educational games designed for smartphones and tablets. One great introductory game that kids are sure to love is Egg Baby, the latest from Nix Hydra Games, and there’s a lot more to recommend it than its entertainment value.

The app is ostensibly a virtual pet, although it’s a far cry from the 8-bit Tamagotchi of old. Today’s cyber-pet comes through with HD clarity, and thanks to integration with systems like the touchscreen and gyroscope, kids can tap, swipe, and move their device in order to interact with their egg, making it a fully immersive and interactive experience. But even beyond the technological aspects of the game, which could act as your child’s first interaction with modern hardware, the program provides for an education of a different sort. It’s not precisely academic, but then, there are plenty of lessons your kids will encounter outside of a class setting. What your kids could end up learning from this game is that effort results in rewards. And the concept of caring for a virtual pet could help to prepare them for the demands of caring for a real, living creature down the road.

Egg baby offers an interface that kids will enjoy thanks to simple interaction, bright and colorful artwork, and cute and customizable egg babies. However, they will have to put in some time and effort if they want their eggs to remain healthy and happy, and eventually hatch. They’ll start by selecting an egg to adopt, after which they’ll be responsible for feeding it, washing it, putting it to bed, and providing it with entertainment and affection. As time goes by they’ll earn coins that can be used to purchase items for the egg, such as a variety of food, toiletries, and decorations. For kids that are impatient you can use in-app purchases to get virtual coins more quickly, but the game is free to download and you don’t necessarily have to buy coins in order to play. Eventually, if kids keep their eggs happy and healthy, they will hatch to reveal the creature inside. These creatures will then live in the backyard and provide gifts, helping to raise more eggs.

When it comes to technology, your kids will almost certainly outstrip you at some point – it won’t be long before they’re obtaining theirĀ online MBA or computer science degree. And in nearly every industry, professionals must be proficient with both hardware and software, a trend that looks to grow in the coming years. So it’s important that you help your kids to interact with technology from a young age to ensure that they are familiar with it. That said, you also want them to learn to interact with people. Egg Baby might seem like pure fun, and kids will likely see it that way, but in addition to providing your kids with early technical mastery, it can also offer them valuable personal lessons about what it means to care for something other than themselves, and to associate their efforts with rewards. In short, this tiny egg app is a lot more than it’s cracked up to be.

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