Why would you choose a SharePoint based CRM Application?

crm 2013 2014 Why would you choose a SharePoint based CRM Application?Customer service is the one of the main discriminators in a very competitive marketplace. As the competition has become increasingly challenging for businesses, it has become necessary for businesses to make efforts to ensure strong personal bonding with its customers.

Customer Relationship Management systems give us a much better and more efficient way to serve the needs of the customers, which in turn drives the businesses to newer levels of success.

What is a CRM software solution?

CRM is a system that helps a business learn more about or understand its customers’ behaviors and needs, in order to serve them better and develop stronger professional relationships. The more logical way of thinking about CRM is as a process that will help bring together several aspects relating to customers, sales, responsiveness, marketing effectiveness and market trends. CRM helps firms connect with their customers and provide them with better service. CRM systems basically works towards understanding customer needs, ensuring good customer experience, attracting new customers, increasing profits and so on.

CRM Software Applications

These applications provide customer relationship management solutions to businesses. Its programs are used to store data and organize tasks in order to make a business run more smoothly, and increase sales and profitability. CRM applications could be a standalone application, or may run in conjunction with other business software. Some of the major CRM applications include Microsoft SharePoint based solutions such as Our CRM, Salesforce, Saga CRM and Zoho.

Why implement a CRM Solution?

Increased Customer Satisfaction: In any CRM system, customers are categorized on the basis of several factors such as the kind of business they do or their physical location. In some cases, customers are handled by dedicated customer managers, who are also known as account managers. This aids in focusing and concentrating on each customer of the business in an individual manner.

Identifying Target Customers: As CRM Systems maintain each and every minor detail relating to a customer, it is very easy to track a customer. The data can also be used to determine customers who could be profitable to the business in the end, along with the ones who are not worth the effort and investment. It helps a business to narrow down its marketing strategies and focus on only those customers who seem to be in need of the service.

Attract New Customers: A CRM system is not only restricted to deal with or handle existing customers, but is also useful in producing or attracting new customers. This process begins with identifying a customer and maintaining all the corresponding details into the CRM system. The business representatives then try to get business out of these customers by carefully following up with them and converting them into a profit means. All this is very easily and efficiently done by an integrated CRM system.

Cost Reduction: The primary potential value of the Customer Relationship Management system has to be its cost-effectiveness. The advantage of a properly established CRM system is that there is a lot less need for manual work. This, as a result, leads to lesser staff members and lesser resources to deal with. CRM solutions introduce us to newer technologies through their implementation, which consumes a lot less energy and resources as compared to traditional ways of doing business.

Increased Productivity: As CRM Systems keep all data in one centralized location, it becomes extremely easy to access the required data by any part of the system using a few simple steps. This reduces the process time and enhances the productivity level of the users, considerably.best crm for small business 2013 Why would you choose a SharePoint based CRM Application?

Advantages of a SharePoint-based CRM Solution

SharePoint CRM Systems are one of the most effective customer relations platforms available on the market. Boasting great expandability and configurability, the business’ profit margins can be increased by leveraging SharePoint’s built-in features and intelligently extending it as and when needed. Microsoft SharePoint can be used as a standalone application, or can even be extended by the addition of other SharePoint web parts.

Why would you opt for a SharePoint-based CRM Solution?

Easy to Use: SharePoint provides a level of ease that far surpasses most of its competitors. With an intuitive user interface design, consistency across various modules, and familiarity with many other Microsoft products, using a SharePoint-based CRM solution is an intuitive experience.

Secure: Microsoft SharePoint has some excellent security features set in place for those who often handle or manipulate mission critical information on a regular basis. SharePoint also allows information sharing without running risks of sensitive data being leaked or divulged, even by accident.

Scalable: as a collaboration tool, SharePoint is equipped with the ability to deliver CRM applications to both small and large-scale enterprises. Only pay for what you need, when you need it.

Reduced Complexity = better user experience: With the interface being so intuitive and the software itself being result-oriented, a SharePoint-based CRM can have a positive effect on both the profitability and productivity of the organisation. SharePoint makes customer relations a stress-free experience for your customer service department, improving both internal and external communications.

Robust File Sharing and Storage Facility: Information can be in structured or unstructured formats when combining a CRM application with SharePoint. The storage system allows for sharing with relative ease, and the latest version of the software has even allowed for a larger number of complicated scenarios by introducing a new feature called Access Request and Invitations.

Moreover, the storage system implemented within SharePoint uses the Shredded Storage Model. With this type of storage technique, the amount of space taken up by subsequent versions of the same data can be reduced dramatically. For instance, when each version of a file used to take a full mega byte of storage space in the previous SharePoint versions, the 2013 version can now manage to store the same number of versions in much lower spaces, say 200KB per new version.

Easy Integration with Outlook: Another nifty feature of SharePoint is its ability to seamlessly integrate with Microsoft’s Mail Application, Outlook. This brings a completely new layer of productivity into the equation, as mail is one of the most fundamental needs of any user of a CRM solution.

Device-specific Functionality: In today’s world of networked devices having diversified architectures, SharePoint goes that extra mile in providing a consistent user experience, regardless of the kind of device being used to work on it. For instance, smartphones such as the iPhone, tablets such as the iPad and slim notebooks with Windows 8 are all supported by the newest version of SharePoint. Any modern SharePoint-based CRM application will use a bespoke interface that adapts to the device the software is being accessed from.

CRM for Small Businesses

Customer relationship management software is no longer reserved for excessive budget of large enterprise. Today, any size business can benefit from implementing a CRM Solution in the workplace, thanks to cost effective platforms such as open source and the scalability of platforms such as SharePoint.

There are many vendors you can seek on the internet. An increasing number of CRM Software experts are offering subscription based services, making solutions such as these more accessible for small business owners.

Final thoughts

If customer service is a priority, or, if you are looking to improve customer relations and retention figures then you have no choice but to implement a CRM software solution if you haven’t already done so. Don’t be caught out by organisations that are charging a high premium for a CRM platform; the days of charging a small fortune for CRM are long gone thanks to platforms such as SharePoint, so don’t get your fingers burnt!

Want to learn more about customer relationship management systems?

If you want to learn more about CRM systems then get onto Google! Just Google CRM Systems for a list of explanations and definition that refer to customer relation systems.

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