The New ILearn App Teaches Kids to Eat Healthy

Teaching kids to eat healthy has never been easy, but the new iLearn app is now helping parents everywhere keep their kids on track with wholesome nutrition. Kids are notoriously fiendish for the foods that cannot and should not be eating, and equally disdainful of the foods that are good for their health. In order to encourage healthy eating in youngsters, parents need to make nutrition fun.

Making nutrition fun is exactly what iLearn with Bo: Nutrition and Healthy Eating! aims to do.

This new app is the latest in a long line of iLearn apps, which have helped children learn about things like colors and nature in their past offerings. Educational apps have huge potential today, as children everywhere are becoming acquainted with smart phones and tablets at earlier ages every year. Loading up a mobile device with iLearn apps is a great way to entertain and educate children at the same time. Parents who are concerned about developing healthy eating habits in their children will be thrilled about iLearn’s latest offering.

While playing through Nutrition and Healthy Eating, children learn to choose the healthiest nutritional options from an array of different foods. They will first identify which items are edible and which are not, an exercise that helps children in their earlier developmental stages separate food items from other objects. As they progress further in the game, children begin to learn more about the nutritional values of various foods. The game encourages them to choose foods that are lower in fat and sugar, and high in essential vitamins and nutrients. Children who learn about nutrition at an early age are more likely to develop healthy eating habits later in life.

But children are so easily bored, how could learning about nutrition possibly be turned into a fun game? This is where iLearn apps set themselves apart from the rest. They strive to make learning fun, and their Nutrition and Healthy Eating app excels in this field. Children learn all about nutrition and meal planning by putting together a birthday menu for a cute penguin character’s birthday party. Fun graphics and memorable characters help get children engaged in a subject that would otherwise be painfully boring for them.

Parents can download iLearn’s nutrition app for free, but a one-time payment of $2.99 will be required to unlock the app’s full features. Of course, considering the price of books, movies, toys and other entertainment and educational items for kids, 3 dollars is hardly a high price for such a high quality game. More than a million downloads to date show that parents everywhere appreciate the iLearn offerings.

In today’s world, health is a more pressing concern than ever before. From the Surgeon General’s office to¬†Maryville University, professionals everywhere agree that kids need to start eating more nutritious diets. Parents need to help their kids develop healthy eating habits early in life, and games like this are extremely helpful in the process. The wonderful feeling that a mother gets when her child asks for more vegetables is well worth the price of an app download, and iLearn’s new nutrition app is a great tool for pushing kids in a healthier direction.

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