Trello: a Great Tool for Tracking and Collaboration in College

While most college students are more than ready to undertake social collaborations during their time on campus, planning everything from picnics on the quad to frat parties, few are prepared for the difficulties of in-class collaborations associated with group projects. And while the root of the problem lies in the fact that each student has different ideas about what constitutes a job well done, as well as varying levels of commitment to the educational process, the truth is that few students have experience managing a team of people working towards a common goal. Luckily, there is a mobile application for the iPhone and iPad that can help you to designate tasks and keep everyone on track for the success of the whole team. With Trello you can relieve yourself of the burden associated with managing the group and let the application do the heavy lifting for you.

Since most students are on a budget, you’ll be happy to hear that you can download this app free of charge and get started post haste. The developers describe the program as a “whiteboard with super powers”, and once you see what it can do for users, you might be inclined to agree. In truth, you can start off by using it to organize your solo projects for class, creating new boards as needed, populating them with to-do lists, and adding important notations like due dates, reminders, and checklists associated with individual tasks. This will help you to stay up-to-date with all of your class projects so that you never again have to burn the midnight oil to complete an assignment last minute.

However, the application really shines when you apply it to group projects. When you have your first group meeting, simply ask everyone to download the application to their mobile device of choice. An Android version of the app also exists, as does a version for the Windows 8 tablet, so those that don’t have Apple products should still be able to participate. From there it’s as simple as creating tasks that will lead to successful completion of the project and assigning them to various group members. Then each participant can create their own checklists, with group input if necessary, and you can agree on deadlines for certain tasks to be completed. With the notification feature, each student can get reminders when work is coming due so that they can stay on top of their portion of the project. This means that you won’t have to crack the whip, adding to your own plate, which is likely pretty full already.

As an added bonus, group members can check in on the progress of their teammates and post comments with questions or updates. You can even upload files, photos, and videos that you think the group may find helpful. And if you realize that there are additional tasks you’ve overlooked, you can assign them to a group member or use the “who’s working on that” feature to put the task up for grabs. You may find yourself in need of a mobile application that can help you to track your own projects or those that must be done with a group. Trello can help you to stay organized, track group efforts, and achieve success with every project. For the harried student that usually ends up carrying the group in order to ensure a good grade, this is fantastic news.

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