Doodlecast Pro Enhances Every Lesson

As every tutor probably knows by now, the app-sphere has hundreds of educational apps that can make the job of teaching a heck of a lot easier. Some, like Evernote, are useful for students trying to follow a lesson. Others, like Dropbox, can aid both the tutor and the student by allowing easy access to materials covered in sessions. And Khan Academy can practically teach for you (or at least provide supplemental instruction). Then there are apps for YouTube and Facebook that can enhance lessons and aid in communications. But one type of app that is sure to come in handy for the average tutor is a digital whiteboard that allows for the demonstration of principles through drawing. And while freebies like Educreation may be the most popular, the savvy tutor should know that just because an app is popular doesn’t make it the best. In this case, there happens to be better option out there. Although it costs $2.99 for download, Doodlecast Pro has more to offer for the money.

In truth, you might not spot much difference between the two at first glance. But while Doodlecast Pro may share some functionality with other applications of the same type, it seems to be superior in nearly every regard, and it definitely offers some features that users won’t find in competitor apps. For starters, it’s not just a “doodle” interface, as the name may suggest. You can certainly begin by drawing your own sketches or importing documents and images to annotate for your students. But the real bread and butter of this app lies in video creation and manipulation, allowing users to create motion graphics highlighted by voice narration (your own) and progressive annotation with either words or drawings that you add as you go.

For example, you could start with an image of a map and create an animation to show where different factions of the Union and Confederate armies moved during the Civil War while narrating Sherman’s bloody march to the sea. Or you might animate the process of solving equations and plotting a graph to show the progression of a parabola. You can even import video clips to add your own narration and annotation. With a variety of drawing and brush tools at your disposal, as well as extras like color and opacity options, you can do a lot with the creative process. And of course, you can add voice over as you go. There are also editing options, including a rewind feature for quick fixes as you record.

In addition, you could use this app to create videos of sessions with your students. Thanks to export abilities you can email the session to your students, put them in Dropbox for future reference, or even post them to YouTube for the benefit of all. And integration with programs like iMovie, Keynote, and iBooks Author allows for additional editing options so you can make your videos perfect. In short, this is one great tool for tutors everywhere. Whether students go to notable tutoring facilities like Sylvan orĀ find Philadelphia tutors at, they are looking for engaging instruction that helps them to learn the lessons that they’re struggling with in class. And with Doodlecast Pro you can help to provide them with just what they need to absorb knowledge and improve academically.

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